Overview of all the attendees.

The following people attended this event...

Ripped-Off: Stick (Nigel Prescott, the organiser) and Bilbo (David Scott).
Ripped-Off's hanger-on-ers: Wiz (Mark Powley), Wilf (Ralph Gresswell), Mark, Karl, Chiz and Mick (ex-Ripped-Off founder).
Chaos: Benny (Ben?) and Tatt.
Torment (24Hrs screen winners, came 2nd place with the modules): Spiny (Phil Wilkins), Rhino (Dave Newman), GND (Dave Pratt), Fuse (James Gibbs) and Manic (James Veal).
Torment hangers-on: Nathan (Nathan Boyd) and DD (Anthony Robertshaw).
Ledgers / The Untouchables (came 1St place with the modules): Tony B. (Tony Bennet), Matt or Spy.
Lemmings: Alchemist.
Electronic Images (24Hrs screen second place, probably 1st place with the regular compo): Griff (Martin Griffiths) and The Phantom.
The Fingerbobs (2nd place GFX): Oberje (Andrew Buchannon), TCC (Stewart Gilray), Occulus and Pixar.
Cynix: Quattro.
Mega4: Powa and Pixel Panther.
Reservoir Gods/Maggie Team: Mr Pink (Leon O'Reilly).
The Wild Boys: Nexus (Gavin Haslett).
Adrenaline UK: Mookie, Manimal, MOTIV.
POV: Mac Sys Data.
Oxygene: Leonard, Lester, MoN, Niko.
Digitalis: Orm, Maguay.
People without crews: MUG UK (Mike Mee), Stew, Agrajag, Pele, Captain Fishy (who Won the Sheep Shagger award).