This page contains the downloads of the programming competition entries that partook in the STNICCC 1990 event. Unfortunately there is at the moment a lack of the pictures that were handed in for the graphics competition. Almost all of them were used in certain post-STNICCC ST NEWS issues, so maybe one day we'll get them ripped and onto this site as well. For the time being you'll have to make do with the programmatic entries...
Needless to say, all these demos were written on Atari systems in 1990. So don't count too much on them working on fancy current-day configurations, or emulators for that matter.


3.5 Kb Demos - all the competition demos from the "3.5 Kb VIC Times Revisited" compo
(42 Kb ZIP file download)

Manikin's demo not available for download (yet)
Lem of NEXT's demo not available for download (yet)
Dynamic Duo 3D World Demo
(18 Kb ZIP file download)

ST NEWS Volume 6 Issue 1 - the issue released after the STNICCC
(493 Kb ZIP file download)


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