Back in 1990 and 1991, there were two merchandise items related to the STNICCC 1990 that could be had. There was the video (107 minutes of mayhem captured on VHS) and there was the T-shirt. The video was given to quite a few competition winners and a few friends. It is no longer available (but available to be downloaded in a DVD version). The T-shirt included art by Erik "ES of TEX" Simon and was produced with the aid of Stefan "Tyrem of TRB" Kimmlingen. These, too, ended up mostly with competition winners. In fact, I accidentally gave my own to one of these fine people, so I don't even have one myself. This T-shirt is not available anymore either, however you can use the original artwork (which can be found in the STNICCC Picture Gallery) to make your own just like Tyrem originally did.

The DVD version of the VHS video has been available for a limited time but is now longer available...


Here's what people wrote (virtually) about the video in early 1991:

...shocking. Absurd. I have never seen anything like it before... (The New York Times) my life as a porn reviewer, I've never seen something quite as perverted as this. Is has more bounce than "Jug Wars V", more thrust than "King Dong Comes Again" and it's more educational than "Orgasms of the Rich and Famous... (Hustler Magazine)

...brilliant. The stuff kids should grow up with... (Bartlehiem Courant)

...the kind of stuff that should be purchased in vast quanitities and then ceremoniously burned... (A. Mokheiny)

...Jesus H. Wotsisname! The kid of stuff Ican really relate (Cronos Warchild)

...horrific, loathsome, gory. Beats the best of Clive Barker hands down on all levels... (Fangoria)

...this is one of the coolest, most wonderfully zarjaz things I have ever laid my hands on - except for the Konix, of course... (Yak the Hairy)

...really bad stuff. It should be banned altogether. This will leave an impact on human civilisation that will take decades to erase. What's a video, anyway? (Margaret Thatcher)

...the people who made this should be burnt at the stake. It is the vilest collection of advertisements for Satan it has ever been my misfortune to clap my eyes on. Buy it... (Reverend Jameson, leader of the Conservative Party of New Zealand)

...wonderful. I couldn't have done it better myself... (Douglas Adams)

...the most digusting, obscene, distasteful piece of slime I was ever forced to watch. It made me puke for hours, and that was just the intro... (Oderus Urungus)

...actually, I made a much more perverted video myelf at a time when video hadn't yet been invented. I recorded it using a light-densitive resistor, a paperclip and my dog called Bootsie. It will be released together with "Hawk", the amazing flight simulator with really fast 3D, gazillions of polygons, scrolling in 27 directions at the same time... (Jez San)

...its like walking in the summer, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you suddenly notice some Iraqi planes carrying mustard gas heading your way... (Captain M. Ogily (mrs.))


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