During the STNICCC 2000, Georges "Gunstick of ULM" Kesseler logged everything that was done on his Atari Chat site. The transcript can be found below. Do note that it's utterly uncensored, not spell-checked and generally as rough and raw as it gets.


2000/12/14-01:08:39 Gunstick logfile testing...
2000/12/14-01:10:52 Gunstick logfile works. stniccc can start
2000/12/14-09:38:50 rapido can't wait until STNICC kicks off. Ah yeah!
2000/12/14-09:51:42 Jacky Hi Furyo
2000/12/14-10:17:17 Mysteria Where's everyone?
2000/12/14-10:42:12 defjam234 blsllasla blubb.
2000/12/14-11:13:45 apache anybody home ???
2000/12/14-13:27:38 obermotz hi
2000/12/14-13:30:53 Tyrem hallo!
2000/12/14-13:35:29 HiTechDynamicDuo HI
2000/12/14-13:35:53 HiTechDynamicDuo Hi
2000/12/14-21:37:24 Gunstick hallo
2000/12/14-21:37:39 PopChild hallo
2000/12/14-21:38:38 Gunstick 1
2000/12/14-21:38:42 Gunstick 2
2000/12/14-21:38:44 Gunstick 3
2000/12/14-21:38:47 Gunstick 4
2000/12/14-21:38:50 Gunstick 5
2000/12/14-21:38:51 Gunstick 7
2000/12/14-21:38:52 Gunstick 6
2000/12/14-21:38:53 Gunstick 8
2000/12/14-21:38:54 Gunstick 9
2000/12/14-21:39:38 PopChild /topic blabla
2000/12/14-21:41:52 Gunstick cool color
2000/12/14-21:44:27 PopChild blo
2000/12/14-21:44:47 Gunstick *bold*
2000/12/14-21:44:50 PopChild *blo*
2000/12/14-21:46:06 PopChild test!
2000/12/14-21:46:26 PopChild hey test!
2000/12/14-21:46:45 Gunstick ulm
2000/12/15-00:12:15 DForce This is a test ;)
2000/12/15-00:15:23 DForce I hope that everyone at the STNICCC will have a great time ..
2000/12/15-00:15:38 DForce See you there .. bye bye
2000/12/15-14:33:55 rapido Erm, I'll talk to ye later.
2000/12/15-18:45:48 Tyrem mad max? hippel???
2000/12/15-18:52:18 MadMax yep :)
2000/12/15-19:00:14 MadMax biste noch da ?
2000/12/15-20:05:49 TheFate hallo!
2000/12/15-20:07:17 Bilbo hi.. who's here??? (i'm just registering)
2000/12/15-20:07:31 Gunstick me
2000/12/15-20:07:46 TheFate I'm here!
2000/12/15-20:08:16 Bilbo are you at the party?
2000/12/15-20:08:55 TheFate yes, we just got here...
2000/12/15-20:09:22 Bilbo so how many people are there now??
2000/12/15-20:10:40 Gunstick no idea, there are several rooms
2000/12/15-20:11:08 Bilbo ok.... when do the compos start??
2000/12/15-20:13:37 Gunstick view from my PC Mvc-0001.jpg (162 K)
2000/12/15-20:14:49 Bilbo hahaha... very c00l.... you're sitting at the back :)
2000/12/15-20:15:09 Bilbo is it copld there??? everyone is wearing coats or jackets :)
2000/12/15-20:15:24 Gunstick of course.
2000/12/15-20:15:45 Gunstick no not that cold. it-s just that people have arrived and not zet installed
2000/12/15-20:15:49 Bilbo is it cold there??? everyone is wearing coats or jackets :)
2000/12/15-20:16:24 Bilbo eek!! reconnected... say, gunstic, did you write this chat?
2000/12/15-20:18:01 Gunstick yep
2000/12/15-20:19:18 Bilbo ok c00l... i had probz connecting with ie... but netscape seems to work ok (i'm using a mac)
2000/12/15-20:19:59 Bilbo thought maybe it was the firewall here (i'm at work at the mo!)
2000/12/15-20:20:04 Gunstick mac has often problems and I never find a mac to check the problems.
2000/12/15-20:20:26 Gunstick even with netscape there are after some time a problem with the automatic scrolling
2000/12/15-20:21:47 Bilbo ok.. well at least now i can log on with netscape (death to gates!)
2000/12/15-20:21:50 Gunstick I-m going to have a walk through the bulding...
2000/12/15-20:23:47 Bilbo ok... if you see stick..... say "hi" for me :) tnx!
2000/12/15-21:09:16 Gunstick hello
2000/12/15-21:44:03 Bilbo anyone awake?
2000/12/15-21:48:11 Bilbo zzzzzzz............
2000/12/15-21:56:25 Gunstick
2000/12/15-22:45:12 NUT] hmm, is the part started yet?
2000/12/15-22:45:49 NUT] party even
2000/12/15-22:47:18 NUT] ANY one in here alive?
2000/12/15-22:48:37 Zerkman Hi there
2000/12/15-22:49:02 Zerkman hi again barry ;)
2000/12/15-22:49:29 Zerkman can anybody tell me where the webcam is situated ?
2000/12/15-22:51:28 NUT] hey zerkman :)
2000/12/15-22:54:05 NUT] ? ;)
2000/12/15-22:55:58 frost242 hello
2000/12/15-22:58:32 Zerkman I mean, the physical place :)
2000/12/15-23:03:21 NUT] that i don't know... javascript i asume?
2000/12/15-23:18:20 NUT shit - irc would have been better...
2000/12/15-23:20:16 Bilbo hi... what's happening?? anyone awake?? :)
2000/12/15-23:21:46 Bilbo guess not?
2000/12/15-23:22:39 NUT not much as it seems...
2000/12/15-23:22:59 Bilbo ahh.... someone is awake :)) are you at the party?
2000/12/15-23:27:25 NUT no, notyet... but zerkman is, but he's notat his pc atm... irc rules :P
2000/12/15-23:28:14 Bilbo hehehe... i hear you!! has someone created a conf on irc?
2000/12/15-23:29:34 NUT no, but on IRCnet in #atariscne the chat should take place... ;)
2000/12/15-23:30:10 Bilbo ahh... ok... might try that later! guess it will be 24hr?
2000/12/15-23:32:18 NUT anyway, i just opened #stniccc on IRCnet :)
2000/12/15-23:33:01 Bilbo ok.. i'll check ircnet when i go home.... so are you going to the party?
2000/12/15-23:33:41 Bilbo is that you, mr. k??
2000/12/15-23:33:54 NUT yes, as long as there are live chatters in there :)
2000/12/15-23:35:16 Bilbo the incredible "signong on" twcie man without signing off!!
2000/12/15-23:35:52 Bilbo (maybe i should type more slowly?)
2000/12/15-23:36:07 cronos Yes, it is I, Mr. Karsmakers a.k.a. Cronos of the Quartermass Xperiment.
2000/12/15-23:36:39 Bilbo so how are you, sir... and how's the party going os far?
2000/12/15-23:36:42 Bilbo os=so
2000/12/15-23:37:01 NUT hi richard! if you can pick me up tomorrow i can bring along my jaguars :o)
2000/12/15-23:37:22 cronos The party is building up nicely. Almost half the people are here already.
2000/12/15-23:37:52 cronos NUT: I will spend the night here. Perhaps I'll go to Utrecht Saturday night, depends on how well I sleep tonight :-)
2000/12/15-23:37:53 Bilbo nice one.. is my old mate stick there yet?
2000/12/15-23:38:27 cronos Bilbo: Haven't seen him.
2000/12/15-23:38:41 Bilbo death before sleep!!
2000/12/15-23:39:02 Bilbo that's funny.. cos he said he was setting off from uk at 5am this morning!!
2000/12/15-23:40:12 cronos Bilbo: What's his 'normal' name again?
2000/12/15-23:40:53 Bilbo mr nigewl prescott and who said he's normal?? :)
2000/12/15-23:41:11 Bilbo make that nigel not nigewl
2000/12/15-23:41:24 NUT cronos: shit... i wanted to be at stniccc tomorrow :/
2000/12/15-23:42:01 Bilbo this chat is a little "sensitive".. think i will definitely use irc when i get home...
2000/12/15-23:44:00 cronos Bilbo: But IRC is not 'official' and this Atari Chatbox is logged and will get up on the site later!
2000/12/15-23:44:19 cronos Bilbo: Nigel isn't here yet. We keep track of everything so I know for a fact he isn't.
2000/12/15-23:45:08 Bilbo hmmm... maybe it will work better on a pc (i'm using a mac at the mo!)
2000/12/15-23:45:26 NUT cronos i can log irc for you if you want...
2000/12/15-23:45:46 Bilbo so this is all logged, eh???
2000/12/15-23:46:01 Bilbo so any abuse typed here will be logged forever????
2000/12/15-23:46:24 Bilbo now let me think......................
2000/12/15-23:48:14 cronos NUT: Yes please log IRC, we can always use that one as well. Is there a way to IRC on the web using browser software, not an IRC client?
2000/12/15-23:48:52 Bilbo eyup mug.....
2000/12/15-23:49:40 NUT cronos logging :)
2000/12/15-23:50:42 muguk hello all .. sorry can't be there .. slow modem as well .. where in the room are you .. got the webcam in the other window :)
2000/12/15-23:51:42 NUT i have *slow* telnet availeble for you on the fun HQ server... i can alter the free irc login to auto join #stniccc ( )
2000/12/15-23:52:47 muguk anyone going to wave at the camera ... ?
2000/12/15-23:53:34 muguk STNICCC Ugly competition entries :) No prizes though !!!
2000/12/15-23:54:39 muguk Has Grazey turned up yet ?
2000/12/15-23:58:01 cronos Muguk: Great to have you chatting, man! At least you can see the webcam, we can't see it here yet, something about DNS propagation.
2000/12/15-23:58:16 cronos Muguk: I'll go and wave at the camera in a mo'.
2000/12/15-23:58:47 muguk Sounds tooo technical for me .. OK .. been more than a few years since I've seen your mugshot :) (no pun meant or bad PR intended!)
2000/12/16-00:01:03 cronos Grazey not here yet either.
2000/12/16-00:01:15 cronos Did you see us waving (CIH and me)?
2000/12/16-00:01:56 cronos MadMax: How you doing then? Could you do me a small big favour and call Mr. Bittner to come?
2000/12/16-00:02:11 muguk nope ... on a slooooooooooooooow 33.6K modem
2000/12/16-00:02:44 muguk madmax is asleep (according to his profile)
2000/12/16-00:02:45 cronos Muguk: Well, in that case, did you see us break-dancing?
2000/12/16-00:03:16 muguk all I can see is a lot of backs !!!
2000/12/16-00:04:38 Bilbo looks like someone is shoving as chicken down his trousers.. who's that?
2000/12/16-00:04:43 muguk where in the room are in in relation to the camera ?
2000/12/16-00:05:07 muguk Makes me look thin :)
2000/12/16-00:06:57 muguk The 3 at the back of the room .. is that the chat section or some busy demo coders ?
2000/12/16-00:08:05 muguk The guy with the thing between his legs .. hope it's a bottle of beer coz it looks extremely dodgy otherwise
2000/12/16-00:08:17 cronos Muguk: Busy demo coders. On Atari XL!
2000/12/16-00:09:01 muguk Wow .. got a few hundred megs of neatly filed XL stuff on my h/drive somewhere :)
2000/12/16-00:09:37 muguk Would be nice to add a few more to it :)
2000/12/16-00:10:20 muguk They coding it on a real XL or via emulation?
2000/12/16-00:11:37 Bilbo i'm off.........
2000/12/16-00:15:37 ApH Hello, could someone call Splash/Sector One for me on the keys? thanks
2000/12/16-00:16:26 nut cronos - i'll be at stniccc in 90-120 minutes, zerkman will ask you directions how to pick me up, please be acurate :)
2000/12/16-00:16:29 ApH Vous etes la les gars de Sector One?
2000/12/16-00:16:51 muguk Sorry .. stuck here in Wales watching the scene
2000/12/16-00:18:06 cronos Nut: I hope I was clear enough to Zerkman... it's pretty difficult to explain!
2000/12/16-00:18:13 nut cronos no problems with breakfast+lunch i hope?
2000/12/16-00:19:43 cronos Nut: No. There's breakfast and lunch (and dinner) for 100+ people.
2000/12/16-00:19:48 nut cronos: okey :) i'll be bringing along my 2 jaguars + games, do i need to bring monitors?
2000/12/16-00:21:25 muguk The Spirit of Jeff Minter lives on - Emperors New Groove on Gameboy has a llama as the main character ... :)
2000/12/16-00:22:34 ApH Is Zerkman at the partyplace?
2000/12/16-00:23:22 muguk Got to go .. will see you all tomorrow night .. happy partying and kicking myself that I couldn't be there :(
2000/12/16-00:28:39 cronos ApH: Zerkman just left to get Nut.
2000/12/16-00:28:55 cronos Nut: When you come by car, do bring a monitor to play the games with. Wel zo handig.
2000/12/16-00:29:10 cronos Muguk: Farewell for now.
2000/12/16-00:34:38 nut cronos please repeat your answer on the last 2 questions from me (food + jaguar monitors)
2000/12/16-00:49:37 nut hello?
2000/12/16-00:55:12 TNS2 ahhhhh... finally...
2000/12/16-00:55:33 TNS2 (TNS is just my ghost...whoooooooo!)
2000/12/16-00:56:32 TNS2 erm, anyone here?
2000/12/16-00:56:55 TNS2 (hee, hee... that's me gone!)
2000/12/16-01:04:55 TNS2 Hee, een vleugellijder
2000/12/16-01:05:29 TNS2 (sorry, That was Dutch)
2000/12/16-01:06:31 wingleader boe
2000/12/16-01:06:33 TNS2 Anyone else wanna talk?
2000/12/16-01:06:40 cronos Don't you go Dutch on me, mister!
2000/12/16-01:07:10 TNS2 Aaah, it's the incredulous Cronos!
2000/12/16-01:07:17 wingleader warum nicht, hast du problemen damit ;) ?
2000/12/16-01:07:35 cronos Indelibly present, as ever.
2000/12/16-01:07:54 TNS2 Forsooth
2000/12/16-01:09:59 TNS2 So, is the MadMax really here (or was he?)
2000/12/16-01:10:00 wingleader hi bonus still alive
2000/12/16-01:10:17 wingleader it's faster to talk in real live
2000/12/16-01:10:29 wingleader tns2 where is de first one
2000/12/16-01:12:28 bonus yes still alive...
2000/12/16-01:14:09 TNS2 dfgh... Yup! found 'em!
2000/12/16-01:18:39 cronos Hey, can someone help MC Laser with an RGB cable for the Falcon? He really needs one.
2000/12/16-01:20:18 frost242 I have one laying
2000/12/16-01:24:11 cronos frost242: he already has one now, but thanks anyway!
2000/12/16-01:29:22 TNS2 three down, more to go ;-)
2000/12/16-01:30:22 mnoyce Hello to all at the STNICCC!!!
2000/12/16-01:32:33 frost242 cronos: I know, he has mine ;)
2000/12/16-01:34:13 TNS2 Hello mnoyce!
2000/12/16-01:34:27 TNS2 Whazzap?
2000/12/16-01:35:14 mnoyce Wassup!!! ;-)
2000/12/16-01:36:17 TNS2 Ah, you know them... Where you from?
2000/12/16-01:37:10 mnoyce I'm in Southern England, where all the flooding is at the moment...
2000/12/16-01:37:45 mnoyce Say hi to Richard, Chris, and Richard for me!!!
2000/12/16-01:40:45 TNS2 I will! BTW: I have to travel to the UK in a week... fingers crossed...
2000/12/16-01:41:25 mnoyce Bring some boots! ;-)
2000/12/16-01:42:10 TNS2 Well, luckily I'm going mid-west(?): Liverpool
2000/12/16-01:42:24 TNS2 any soggyness there?
2000/12/16-01:43:02 mnoyce Ah, well you should be alright then, most of the water is everywhere else.
2000/12/16-01:43:55 TNS2 heh, maybe that helps? just go outside and say "Be somewhere else"...
2000/12/16-01:44:54 mnoyce lol
2000/12/16-01:46:06 mnoyce Say, what are you guys doing? There seems to be some sort of camp fire gathering going on.
2000/12/16-01:46:18 TNS2 My GF (who's from the UK) got stuck here the last time she visited me... had to go through the Chunnel instead of the ferry
2000/12/16-01:46:55 TNS2 Ah, you can see the webcam? funnily enough, we can't...
2000/12/16-01:47:02 cronos Hi Michael, great to have you chatting here, it's almost as if you're present!
2000/12/16-01:47:28 mnoyce Big Brother is watching. ;-)
2000/12/16-01:48:15 mnoyce Hi Richard! I just got back from the office Xmas party -- A good time, but not as good as if I'd been there with you guys! ;-)
2000/12/16-01:48:50 cronos Someone was going to log in through another server so that we could watch the webcam internally?
2000/12/16-01:49:45 mnoyce Weird or what? I could see Chris Holland (I think) standing around a minute or so ago.
2000/12/16-01:50:32 cronos OK Mike, I am going to go and wave at ya in a minute. I'll be wearing an ST NEWS cap and sticking me thumbs up :-)
2000/12/16-01:51:18 TNS2 good eh? I still have to find the thing myself, I only saw it once before I put the link on the website. No-one was there, except for some crazy bald guy ;-)
2000/12/16-01:54:31 cronos TNS2: F. off dude :-)
2000/12/16-01:54:38 cronos mnoyce: Did you see me?
2000/12/16-01:55:17 mnoyce No!!! :-(
2000/12/16-01:55:49 mnoyce Well, I saw someone walking around in a blue(?) cap and white T-shirt. Was that you?
2000/12/16-01:56:09 mnoyce BTW: Want to see what's going on in Chichester? Check out
2000/12/16-01:56:14 cronos That was me...
2000/12/16-01:58:26 TNS2 Hah! you're just jealous Cronos...
2000/12/16-02:00:38 frost242 cu later
2000/12/16-02:00:41 mnoyce I see Richard (Felice)!!!!
2000/12/16-02:00:51 TNS2 erm... not going on much in Chichester, is there? Maybe you can go out and wave :-)
2000/12/16-02:01:06 cronos Chichester looks like a frozen water fountain
2000/12/16-02:01:20 cronos They are watching the original STNICCC video in the auditorium!
2000/12/16-02:01:42 mnoyce Ah, the web-cam is about a mile form my house. You would have seen me an hour or so ago when I was walking home. ;-)
2000/12/16-02:02:38 mnoyce The view for the web-cam is not great because it's so frosty here at the moment.
2000/12/16-02:06:07 TNS2 hmmm... i'm logging off as TNS2, and coming back in a minute as (registered) TNS... won't be a mo!
2000/12/16-02:07:31 Bilbo hey... is the party in full swing now??
2000/12/16-02:08:12 mnoyce So what's been happening today, then?
2000/12/16-02:09:52 TNS Watching a game, having a fanta...;-)
2000/12/16-02:10:30 mnoyce True. True...
2000/12/16-02:11:58 TNS We're setting up stuff, and getting settled in...
2000/12/16-02:12:05 Bilbo there must be something really exciting happening....... somewhere else!
2000/12/16-02:12:19 Bilbo what time is it there now??
2000/12/16-02:12:45 TNS 2:12
2000/12/16-02:13:19 Bilbo k....... when do the compos start?? tomorrow night?
2000/12/16-02:14:13 cronos The competition deadline is Sunday 16:00. After that we'll do some judging and giving away of these fantabulous prizes!
2000/12/16-02:14:14 TNS 16:00 sunday is the deadline...
2000/12/16-02:14:41 TNS people are already programming hard! I saw some cool things already
2000/12/16-02:14:50 Bilbo and do you REALLY have a psx2??
2000/12/16-02:15:11 mnoyce How many people are there at the moment?
2000/12/16-02:16:46 Bilbo i'm gonna check back in later... bye for now
2000/12/16-02:17:44 TNS eeh... 60/70... but a few are doing touristy things (Amsterdam etc.)
2000/12/16-02:28:13 TNS 'ello?
2000/12/16-02:35:39 cronos 'ello?
2000/12/16-02:37:58 TNS yo!
2000/12/16-03:00:51 ba Hello all - nice to see you (at least via a webcam!)...
2000/12/16-03:00:56 TNS Y'ello!
2000/12/16-03:02:08 TNS Sadly we can't see the webcam in here... strange but true!
2000/12/16-03:02:35 TNS What do you see?
2000/12/16-03:03:16 ba I see a bunch of guys sitting in a half-circle and watching something
2000/12/16-03:03:48 TNS Ah, they're probably watching the video of 10 years ago...
2000/12/16-03:03:53 ba So how is the party going about?
2000/12/16-03:04:13 ba i.c.
2000/12/16-03:04:51 TNS Getting settled... About 60/70 people in today, but a few are doing touristy things...
2000/12/16-03:05:28 ba Touristic activities at 3am? Not bad! ;-)
2000/12/16-03:06:12 TNS You know, Amsterdam pulls to tourists... I have no idea why...
2000/12/16-03:06:25 TNS ;-)
2000/12/16-03:06:52 TNS Yipes, is it really 21:05 over where you are?
2000/12/16-03:07:10 ba Oh I know why... a lot of nice herbs... excellent cuisine isn't it? ;-)
2000/12/16-03:07:26 ba I am in Worcester, Massachusetts
2000/12/16-03:08:25 TNS Cewl...
2000/12/16-03:08:40 ba You know, I would have loved to come in person, but I just wrote my last final yesterday...
2000/12/16-03:08:53 TNS Ah, the herbs... yes... I was looking more in the direction of a certain colour-district
2000/12/16-03:09:35 TNS pity. Were you at the original 10 years ago?
2000/12/16-03:09:58 ba Oh, is Amsterdam sooo special in that respect? I thought you could get that in any big city...
2000/12/16-03:10:46 ba No. I only joined the "real" scene in '91 or '92 IIRC
2000/12/16-03:10:48 TNS Well, European tourists somehow _always_ want to go there... I don't think it's special either.
2000/12/16-03:11:13 ba ;-)
2000/12/16-03:11:52 TNS (ahem, embarrasing question ahead!) done anything I should have taken note of? (cough...)
2000/12/16-03:12:49 ba Don't be embarrased - I used to make music. "Big Alec", Delta Force. Rings a bell? ;-)
2000/12/16-03:14:10 TNS It does... I was looking in the attendee list of the site. (I'm the webmaster of it) but could not find you.
2000/12/16-03:15:22 ba I found my handle too embarrasing, so I took the short form... :^}
2000/12/16-03:15:56 TNS No problem. My real name is Alex ;-)
2000/12/16-03:17:43 ba Not because of that. But my name is Gunnar and I'm tall at most, but definately not big, so the handle doesn't make sense at all. That's why it's embarrassing... know what I mean?
2000/12/16-03:18:49 ba Do you still have your (t)rusty Atari?
2000/12/16-03:19:04 TNS Sure! My nic is 'The Nutty Snake', but I'm not a snake... Eeh.. but I am nutty, darn.
2000/12/16-03:19:34 TNS Yup... It's right here beside me. Only I don't have a monitor cable or something... drat
2000/12/16-03:19:55 ba Sure, but that's funny at least. BA is just boooooring ;-)
2000/12/16-03:20:09 TNS - Richard 'Cronos' Karsmakers Says hi!
2000/12/16-03:20:42 TNS heh, not to mention the 'A-Team' jokes you must get
2000/12/16-03:20:48 ba Say hi to him from me! Richard - I'm really sorry I couldn't come!
2000/12/16-03:21:29 TNS He'll be on the board in a moment, he says...
2000/12/16-03:21:58 ba Actually I didn't get any. Oh dang, yes, those SCART cables! Always broke at the ST connector...
2000/12/16-03:22:51 TNS Yup... But now I would really like an Atari -> VGA cable...
2000/12/16-03:23:40 ba Mmmh - then all that wonderful "Hardware-Antialiasing" would be gone... ;-)
2000/12/16-03:23:42 cronos ba: Damn your hide, you filthy, um, person who is not here! :-)
2000/12/16-03:24:15 ba Hi cronos! ;-)
2000/12/16-03:24:30 ba How are you, man?
2000/12/16-03:25:04 cronos ba: I'm fine, thanks. We've just been watching the STNICCC 1990 video and laughing because we were all so silly back then.
2000/12/16-03:25:38 cronos ba: Are you checking You can see a group of people watching the video.
2000/12/16-03:25:53 ba cronos: only back then? :-)))
2000/12/16-03:26:15 cronos ba: Don't get smart on me, mister.
2000/12/16-03:26:34 ba Yeah, I can see them - only it is not very sharp and too dark. I can't tell who's who.
2000/12/16-03:26:47 TNS Oh, I can vouch for the sillyness now :-)
2000/12/16-03:27:19 ba Could you just step in front of the webcam, once? Pleease?
2000/12/16-03:28:01 TNS He's easily recognisable: he's the bald one...
2000/12/16-03:28:31 ba ;-)
2000/12/16-03:28:57 ba Hey - that's fine. I'm starting to loose my hair, too.
2000/12/16-03:29:37 cronos FInally someone who understands the plight of the increasingly hairless. Thanks Gunnar.
2000/12/16-03:29:44 cronos TNS:
2000/12/16-03:30:27 ba Oh man - I could hear that over here! Is he still alive? ;-)
2000/12/16-03:30:54 TNS OW! Well, I guess I deserved that...
2000/12/16-03:31:04 ba what's up now? Half of the people left the room...
2000/12/16-03:31:27 TNS Video finished?
2000/12/16-03:31:46 cronos Maybe the video ended. I'll check. I'll stick up my thumb to the camera.
2000/12/16-03:32:34 ba Yeah, that's the man! Cheers!
2000/12/16-03:35:00 ba Did Flix show up by any chance? In the summer he didn't know whether he'd come or not.
2000/12/16-03:35:57 TNS Cronos should know...
2000/12/16-03:37:04 ba So, who's today's V.I.P.? Did Rob Hubbard come?
2000/12/16-03:38:57 TNS Not yet I think
2000/12/16-03:40:00 cronos Flix hasn't confirmed that he will or will not come. Rob confirmed that he won't come.
2000/12/16-03:41:16 ba Too little number of resumes, I suppose?
2000/12/16-03:42:46 cronos Indeed, not enough of those. Even Mad Max didn't send one...
2000/12/16-03:42:52 ba cronos: Still in touch with Stefan? Did he come?
2000/12/16-03:43:34 ba (Posthuma)
2000/12/16-03:45:25 TNS (ahhh.. the old Dutch staple diet: 'Gevulde Koek' and coffee..)
2000/12/16-03:46:03 cronos Stefan will be here all day tomorrow. And Stefan Kimmlingen too.
2000/12/16-03:49:46 ba Hi DForce.
2000/12/16-03:50:13 TNS Hello Dforce!
2000/12/16-03:50:16 DForce Hi ba , how things are going ?
2000/12/16-03:50:43 DForce hhi THS
2000/12/16-03:50:57 ba That is not supposed to be DeltaForce, right?
2000/12/16-03:51:20 ba The hutty snake? ;-P
2000/12/16-03:51:44 DForce ba - ;) nope , that's indeed not Delta Force , but D-Force from FUN :)))
2000/12/16-03:52:02 cronos Oh, the FUN we have!
2000/12/16-03:52:18 ba ;-)
2000/12/16-03:52:19 DForce ;)
2000/12/16-03:52:33 DForce Esp. at STNICCC :))
2000/12/16-03:52:40 cronos ba: So what are you doing these days?
2000/12/16-03:53:41 DForce brb
2000/12/16-03:53:57 ba I just picked up graduate studies in the US. (Well, actually the first semester is just over.)
2000/12/16-03:54:46 cronos ba: If I tell other people that, instead of being in a warm bed with my wife, I like to spend 48+ hours with a bunch of raving computer psychos, they will frown seriously...
2000/12/16-03:55:01 cronos ba: What's the time around your place then?
2000/12/16-03:55:44 ba It's almost 22:00 here (-6 hours)
2000/12/16-03:55:48 TNS hee hee: Jabba the Nutt...
2000/12/16-03:56:25 ba Yeah, most people will think we're mad, but I mean, it was such a good time, right?
2000/12/16-03:57:29 TNS Absolutely. I can honestly say the best. For a couple of reasons.
2000/12/16-03:58:21 ba cronos: What do you do these days except for organizing parties for loonies (sorry!;-)
2000/12/16-04:00:36 ba cronos: More importantly - what does your wife say about this then? How long did it take you to explain all this to her?
2000/12/16-04:01:04 cronos ba: I teach people how to program in Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Application, and I am the manager of the Microsoft-related IT teachers at Mind IT. There, I said the m-word :-)
2000/12/16-04:01:22 cronos My wife didn't mind at all. Now she can use the whole bed.
2000/12/16-04:02:29 ba cronos: I see - definately better than pretending to have a headache, hm? ;-)
2000/12/16-04:03:16 cronos :-)
2000/12/16-04:04:09 ba cronos: Teaching VBA? How does that relate to English Literature? (That was what you studied, right?)
2000/12/16-04:05:43 ba BTW: the M-word doesn't affect me. I run Linux on an Alpha... ;-)
2000/12/16-04:06:31 TNS Ah-hah! a real conaisseur! ;-)
2000/12/16-04:08:59 ba TNS: what's that? I never had french...
2000/12/16-04:09:54 TNS (I wrote if wrong, too... It's someone who appreciates good things.
2000/12/16-04:10:32 ba Oh, yeah, right! ;-)
2000/12/16-04:10:34 TNS (ewww... bad color!! I'll change it again!)
2000/12/16-04:11:02 ba What was that - puke green? ;-)
2000/12/16-04:11:08 TNS This better?
2000/12/16-04:11:10 cronos I did study English, amazing that you remember. Well, it has sod-all to do with English, obviously. Except for the if-then-else, goto and print type of things, that is.
2000/12/16-04:12:02 cronos TNS: That green you had looked like the stuff my mom used to have to squeeze out of some pustule or whatever on my dad's back. Needless to say, that was before the divorce.
2000/12/16-04:13:08 TNS Ok... Now my keyboard is that color... Sorry.
2000/12/16-04:13:22 ba I'm currently visiting I'll have to try downloading their STsndplay. I feel kinda nostalgic...
2000/12/16-04:13:49 ba TNS: you typed your fingers bloody? Wow!
2000/12/16-04:14:49 ba Oh crickey! It's not 64-bit clean! So it won't work... :-(
2000/12/16-04:15:14 TNS No, I barfed all over it... It's green now... Puke green ;-)
2000/12/16-04:16:35 ba cronos: But I bet you're earning more teaching VBA than you would writing lyric, hm? (Don't mean to criticize your lyric!)
2000/12/16-04:16:44 TNS What are you more nowadays, programmer or musician, Gunnar?
2000/12/16-04:16:56 ba TNS: Raaaalph!
2000/12/16-04:18:12 TNS huh? Whozat?
2000/12/16-04:18:37 ba TNS: I'm mostly programmer, although I still have my musical side. Just recently I bought a nice electric guitar.
2000/12/16-04:19:02 ba TNS: Raaalph is the sound while throwing up... ;-)
2000/12/16-04:19:30 TNS Aaaaaah... Thank you. I feel enriched ;-)
2000/12/16-04:19:55 ba TNS: Welcome. ;-)
2000/12/16-04:20:58 TNS I'm a programmer too. Only I've lost my inspiration to program something for myself... I want to do more than do small scripts for websites, and I Don't have the feeling yest to do our big project.
2000/12/16-04:21:23 TNS (yest = yet)
2000/12/16-04:21:57 TNS We're doing a Half-life mod, in preparation to do a real game ourselves...
2000/12/16-04:22:01 ba TNS: But I still think about music routines. That's why I took a DSP course this semester. I really would like to program a little syntheziser app. Only too little time!
2000/12/16-04:23:25 ba TNS: Something like a virtual-analog thing like Rebirth. just without all that MIDI crap.
2000/12/16-04:23:34 cronos TNS: You bought a guitar? Check out to see a really cool Fender Stratocaster website. I love that guitar!
2000/12/16-04:23:50 ba TNS: who is we? Anybody else I know?
2000/12/16-04:24:19 TNS Eeh, not me Cronos, ba did.
2000/12/16-04:24:44 ba cronos: No, I did... It's a Squier Strat. (Fender, made in China)
2000/12/16-04:25:04 TNS 'we' is the company I work for. We make web-sites, but 1 day a week we do game coding (or try to) our site is
2000/12/16-04:25:30 ba cronos: I recall you have a guitar, too, right?
2000/12/16-04:25:31 TNS (not much about the game though)
2000/12/16-04:25:45 ba TNS: kewl. I'll check it out.
2000/12/16-04:27:16 TNS ba: Do you have flash installed?
2000/12/16-04:28:13 ba TNS: nope. That's one of the drawbacks of having an Alpha. :-(
2000/12/16-04:29:06 cronos ba: Yep, I've got a '68 Reissue Stratocaster, "crafted in Japan". It's in the 'Japan' section of Strat Central.
2000/12/16-04:29:26 TNS Too bad. Our intro is way cool... If you can't skip it for some reason, the url is
2000/12/16-04:30:06 ba TNS: my browser skipped it immediately...
2000/12/16-04:31:15 cronos TNS: Nice tribal like intro!
2000/12/16-04:31:26 TNS Does it look a bit reasonable on your browser? I have these nightmares that it looks crap on linux. We normally don't test on Linux.
2000/12/16-04:31:56 TNS cronos: thanx. We had a blast making it...
2000/12/16-04:32:36 cronos I had no idea you could do stuff like that. I always sortof figured you as a scroll text writer, like me :-)
2000/12/16-04:32:49 ba TNS: It looks OK to me. Only a little too gray perhaps... ;-)
2000/12/16-04:33:38 TNS The main thing I make right now at Khaeon is writing a java-based site-management tool. It sells like mad! everyone wants it. ;-)
2000/12/16-04:36:31 ba Ok guys, I have some stuff to do. I'll probably check back tomorrow evening. If I can't make it, I wish you a merry X-Mas and happy new year! See you!
2000/12/16-04:37:07 TNS Nice talking to ya! I'll be here tomorrow!
2000/12/16-04:37:51 ba TNS: I enjoyed it too! Take care!
2000/12/16-04:38:06 cronos ba: Ciao dude.
2000/12/16-04:38:21 ba Cronos: cu!
2000/12/16-04:38:36 cronos I'm going to bed too...or the sack, anuwau
2000/12/16-10:36:57 cronos Geez, this is a bit of a bad thing...I am the only one here?
2000/12/16-10:37:15 cronos But at least it's really fast now!
2000/12/16-10:37:27 cronos Here I am talking to myself. I have sunk pretty low :-(
2000/12/16-10:46:31 TNS yodle!
2000/12/16-11:25:12 TNS Heeeeey! Guuuuuyyysss! YOOOOOOHOOOO!!!
2000/12/16-11:35:45 cronos HOOOYOO!
2000/12/16-11:36:16 TNS Waah! It's alive!
2000/12/16-11:36:26 cronos (Didn't know I could sink even deeper, shouting on Chat to a person that is 20 metres from me anyway)
2000/12/16-11:36:55 TNS Well, we're legit now. Gunstick is in da howse!
2000/12/16-11:37:09 cronos Gunstick: Hi, one of the webcam guys that were here yesterday will be here again today, we will try to have him fix the thing's configuration.
2000/12/16-11:44:06 TNS Hey! Another visitor!
2000/12/16-11:44:17 TNS Hail stranger!
2000/12/16-11:52:25 Grazey Grazey here
2000/12/16-12:10:48 TNS nope, still quiet!
2000/12/16-12:23:53 cronos It's like death here. I think this Chatbox thing is more popular in the evening.
2000/12/16-14:11:28 505 hey
2000/12/16-14:25:31 KRexSTConnexion Hi all!
2000/12/16-14:32:59 KRexSTConnexion everything all right, Richard?
2000/12/16-14:37:40 KRexSTConnexion I guess everybody is lunching... It still morning here in Rio de Janeiro. I'll be back later
2000/12/16-14:58:47 cronos KrazyRex: I was walking around a bit. Klaus and Fabien just arrived. I have your CD too now.
2000/12/16-15:03:25 KRexSTConnexion Great! I feel very frustrated to attend STNICCC 2000 through the chat and webcam only!!!
2000/12/16-15:04:23 KRexSTConnexion by the way: say HI to tha webcam for me, guys!
2000/12/16-15:04:47 KRexSTConnexion Fabien, Thierry et Klaus: vous �tes l�?
2000/12/16-15:07:28 cronos Not everyone is chatting, Fabien Thierry and Klaus aren't settled yet.
2000/12/16-15:07:44 cronos I will go and say hi to the webcam now...#
2000/12/16-15:11:19 KRexSTConnexion which room is the one where the webcam is? how many rooms at stniccc2000?
2000/12/16-15:17:24 cronos It is in the central room. We have seven rooms or so.
2000/12/16-15:19:24 KRexSTConnexion the people who are entering the room are coming from outside or one of the 6 other rooms?
2000/12/16-15:20:57 KRexSTConnexion couldn't make the ripped-off webcam run: the requested url was not found blah blah blah....
2000/12/16-15:21:10 KRexSTConnexion :)
2000/12/16-15:37:55 cronos The auditorium is in the middle, the others are around it!
2000/12/16-15:43:24 TNS Yo, the webcam on the rippedoffdemocds site is 100% working!
2000/12/16-15:44:41 KRexSTConnexion kool!
2000/12/16-15:50:50 cronos The link at the stniccc site 'online' works, anyway.
2000/12/16-15:51:21 cronos I'm logging out for a bit now so I can enjoy that CD you sent without breaks and stuff.
2000/12/16-15:52:33 KRexSTConnexion ok... the "potjejam" song is dedicated to you! ;)
2000/12/16-15:53:30 KRexSTConnexion ...though the stniccc trailer remains the main stuff of the CD
2000/12/16-15:54:46 KRexSTConnexion tell my stcnx friends to visit me at the webcam and on this chat
2000/12/16-16:01:10 KRexSTConnexion Klaus!!!
2000/12/16-16:05:22 KRexSTConnexion je suis online � 10000 Km
2000/12/16-16:20:04 Bilbo typical..... i get up nice 'n early to get on here for a chat... and nobody's here!!
2000/12/16-16:20:13 Bilbo pah!! lanerz ;)
2000/12/16-16:22:44 Bilbo hey gunstick.....
2000/12/16-16:22:53 Gunstick hi
2000/12/16-16:23:09 Bilbo fyi.... this is the third platform (linux this time) i've tried this chat with :)
2000/12/16-16:23:25 Gunstick and does it work ?
2000/12/16-16:23:27 Bilbo and they all seem to work pretty well!
2000/12/16-16:24:00 Bilbo mac ie was the only one i could not connect with..... but i have not tried linux w/opera yet
2000/12/16-16:24:22 Gunstick opera does not support about:blank and so does not work
2000/12/16-16:24:32 Gunstick netscape 6 does not work either
2000/12/16-16:24:33 Bilbo (cos i haven't dl'ed opera for linux!!)
2000/12/16-16:24:41 Bilbo ahhhh..... ok
2000/12/16-16:24:58 Bilbo really.. the latest netscape does not work with this chat?
2000/12/16-16:25:07 Gunstick no
2000/12/16-16:25:33 Bilbo oh boy..... can somebody somewhere write a decent browser :))
2000/12/16-16:25:47 Gunstick go for it!
2000/12/16-16:26:08 Bilbo hehe... not me!!
2000/12/16-16:26:24 Bilbo maybe they should have a browser coding compo at stniccc???
2000/12/16-16:26:43 Bilbo WITH A BIG PRIZE!!!!
2000/12/16-16:26:44 Gunstick lol
2000/12/16-16:29:11 Bilbo back soon....
2000/12/16-16:32:20 Vantage Loussesch Kregiresch
2000/12/16-16:33:04 Vantage Reveil le brazilou
2000/12/16-16:44:11 Bilbo mr schussler???
2000/12/16-16:49:25 Bilbo so what's hopping, mr k?
2000/12/16-16:50:22 KRexSTConnexion back to the chat... (actually I'm currently at work)
2000/12/16-16:50:50 Bilbo at work?? not at the party, krazy rex?
2000/12/16-16:51:01 cronos The competition entries are hopping in. Still not too many though.
2000/12/16-16:51:33 KRexSTConnexion I'm still in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I think I will be late :)
2000/12/16-16:51:41 cronos Bilbo: That's hardly fair to Mr Rex, is it? You aren't exactly here either :-)
2000/12/16-16:51:59 Bilbo it's still early though.. another 24 hours to go before the entries should be finished?
2000/12/16-16:52:17 Bilbo ahhh.... but i'm not at work!!! (although i was yesterday when i first logged in)
2000/12/16-16:52:53 KRexSTConnexion Richard, may I enter the competition with the stuff on my CD? (after all, we have 3 st connexion attending the party!)
2000/12/16-16:53:17 Bilbo what i'm intrigued about is why mr. rex's time says "13.52" ...that's gmt -2, innit?
2000/12/16-16:53:34 KRexSTConnexion Klaus, are you here?
2000/12/16-16:53:52 KRexSTConnexion Because I am in Rio de Janeiro
2000/12/16-16:54:16 Vantage You betcha!
2000/12/16-16:54:20 Bilbo hey hey.... thanks for that!!! i can stop scratching my head now :))
2000/12/16-16:55:17 Vantage GMT-2 means the middle of the Atlantic ocean Bilbo!
2000/12/16-16:55:46 Bilbo my thoughts exactly!!! which is why i asked!
2000/12/16-16:56:02 KRexSTConnexion Klaus! (May I speak French and still be a gentleman?)
2000/12/16-16:56:16 Bilbo do you think mr. rex is using an advanced "cheating" technique to fool us about his time?
2000/12/16-16:56:21 Bilbo bien sur!
2000/12/16-16:56:32 KRexSTConnexion Bilbo, are yu at the stniccc party?
2000/12/16-16:56:51 Vantage Back in a sec, about to go outside with SammyJoe for a quick smoke
2000/12/16-16:56:54 KRexSTConnexion ok, alors je vais parler francais
2000/12/16-16:56:59 Bilbo hehehe.... nope!! if only...........
2000/12/16-16:57:17 Bilbo bon, d'accord
2000/12/16-16:57:34 KRexSTConnexion hahha vantage you are a very commercial non-smoker
2000/12/16-16:58:06 KRexSTConnexion oh, you're in california right now?
2000/12/16-16:58:31 Bilbo yup...... gmt -8!! and it really is 8am here
2000/12/16-16:59:49 KRexSTConnexion too bad... the american continents couldn't attend stniccc2000. I did intend to attend it but couldn't make it finally
2000/12/16-17:00:50 Bilbo so you really are in rio? (south of here abd maybe a little east).... yeah... how long is the flight to holland from there?? it is a shame we are so far away :(
2000/12/16-17:01:23 cronos Stefan is here from Canada. A French guy and his wife are here from Japan. That's far away...
2000/12/16-17:01:34 KRexSTConnexion the new world couldn't visit the old world... what about the old world visiting the new one? hey, everybody, come to Rio! (especially if you're a single!)
2000/12/16-17:01:57 Bilbo if they can manage to get that far so easily... i would have to question their sexuality (married or not!)
2000/12/16-17:02:42 Bilbo really? single in ri?
2000/12/16-17:02:49 Bilbo or even rio?
2000/12/16-17:03:04 KRexSTConnexion the flight is 10-12 hours long, depending on the traffic potjejam
2000/12/16-17:04:28 Bilbo maybe that's a good idea then.... stniccc2001 in rio??
2000/12/16-17:04:38 KRexSTConnexion single the first day in Rio only...;)
2000/12/16-17:04:57 KRexSTConnexion richard, who is the canadian stefan? posthuma?
2000/12/16-17:04:58 Bilbo hahaha.... money or not?
2000/12/16-17:05:48 KRexSTConnexion in january we have "rock in rio 2001", as a start
2000/12/16-17:06:15 Bilbo rock as in....?
2000/12/16-17:06:16 KRexSTConnexion money or not is also the answer
2000/12/16-17:06:44 KRexSTConnexion ..and roll
2000/12/16-17:07:22 Bilbo oh really?? so they don't have a gabbefest in rio.... that's rotterdam, isn't it, richard?? :)
2000/12/16-17:08:21 AloneFromTrio hi there Alone From Trio rulezzzzzzzzzz ;)
2000/12/16-17:08:35 KRexSTConnexion wot's this gabbefest... in south of brazil there is "oktober fest" every year (full of germans and karsmakers there)
2000/12/16-17:09:05 Bilbo oh dear..... a festival full of richards???
2000/12/16-17:09:21 Bilbo gabbefest=gabberfest
2000/12/16-17:09:34 AloneFromTrio i am so sad, i am in France ;<, not present at the stniccc
2000/12/16-17:09:38 Bilbo it should be called richardfest 2001 or karsmakersfest 2001
2000/12/16-17:09:42 KRexSTConnexion yeah, excepts that they speak both dutch and portuguese, or german and portuguese
2000/12/16-17:09:49 Bilbo or cronosfest 0.7b
2000/12/16-17:10:30 AloneFromTrio just a question, is there an irc Chan live in direct from the stniccc ?
2000/12/16-17:10:42 KRexSTConnexion by Dave Staugas
2000/12/16-17:12:29 KRexSTConnexion cronosfest master 1.0 is going to be released at stniccc 2000 (finally!)
2000/12/16-17:12:37 Vantage Back to KATN (Kick Ass and Take Names)
2000/12/16-17:12:55 Bilbo i heard it still has bugs?
2000/12/16-17:13:09 Vantage Kregiresch, wot did ya want to tell me?
2000/12/16-17:13:30 KRexSTConnexion hey! can someone out there call my friends from stcnx?
2000/12/16-17:13:35 Bilbo how about the shareware release of cronosfest junior 0.9 (with nagging)
2000/12/16-17:14:02 KRexSTConnexion what a stupid question klaus. Simply: I love you brother!
2000/12/16-17:14:16 Vantage Wake up dude, we've been back for the last couple of minutes
2000/12/16-17:14:22 Bilbo (i think i'll look away)
2000/12/16-17:14:40 Vantage I knew you've always been fond of tall blondes
2000/12/16-17:14:45 Bilbo hey vantage.. have you seen stick recently?>?>
2000/12/16-17:15:15 Bilbo (i'm leaving.. this is getting like a gay porno!!)
2000/12/16-17:15:45 Vantage Yes, he's sitting approx. 2 meters away... Bilbo, haha, don't worry, I'll watch my language
2000/12/16-17:16:05 Bilbo :)))) fire away.... so to speak!!! hahahahah
2000/12/16-17:16:20 Vantage haha
2000/12/16-17:16:39 Bilbo vantage - what's 2 meters in english measurement??? :))
2000/12/16-17:16:45 Bilbo about an acre?
2000/12/16-17:16:56 Bilbo or nearly a mile?
2000/12/16-17:17:05 Bilbo :))
2000/12/16-17:17:06 Vantage 2 yards??
2000/12/16-17:17:31 Bilbo good... now how many feet?? :)
2000/12/16-17:18:12 KRexSTConnexion ok i'm going to say some porn things in french to my friend klaus now (i lost my english in the sunny beaches of rio)
2000/12/16-17:18:29 Bilbo jo dois parler en francais parce que ma anglais c'est tres mauvais!
2000/12/16-17:18:45 Vantage 6 feet 8"... Impressed?
2000/12/16-17:18:48 Bilbo french porno...... is it as "bizarre" as german porno??
2000/12/16-17:18:59 Vantage je parle francais tres mieux que vous et je vous merde
2000/12/16-17:19:12 KRexSTConnexion klaus je suis rouill� en anglais tu ne peux pas imaginer... cela dit, on se marre bien avec bilbo....
2000/12/16-17:19:16 Bilbo hehhe.... very impressed!!! is that some porno thing??
2000/12/16-17:19:24 Vantage I didn'
2000/12/16-17:19:42 Bilbo tsk! tsk! tu souris comme un scaphandrier!
2000/12/16-17:19:44 Vantage I didn't know you were such a specialist of all porn nuances Bilbo...
2000/12/16-17:20:10 Vantage I guess it's called cross-cultural communication
2000/12/16-17:20:11 KRexSTConnexion i didn't know there was a german porno. or is it that great film i saw: lola rennt?
2000/12/16-17:20:24 Bilbo tu ne pense pas la?
2000/12/16-17:20:32 505 hi there stniccc'ers
2000/12/16-17:20:34 Vantage KREX, this feels like the fg\\old old days of 3615 RTEL
2000/12/16-17:20:58 KRexSTConnexion bon bolbo, je vois que tu t'es bien adapt�...
2000/12/16-17:21:00 Bilbo oh german porno is very disturbing....
2000/12/16-17:21:18 Vantage Hi 505, wot's up? How's life
2000/12/16-17:21:44 Bilbo unpue.... mais ce'st beaucoup d'ans que j'ai parler francais!
2000/12/16-17:21:45 KRexSTConnexion klaus tu sais qu'il y a une webcam � travers laquelle je suis en train de vous �pier dans la salle principale?
2000/12/16-17:22:15 Vantage Patrick, a version of your movie is going to be put on the after convention STNICCC website... Congrats dude
2000/12/16-17:22:23 Bilbo (in fact, not since the good old st days... when we used to phreak conference calls from belgiques!)
2000/12/16-17:22:34 KRexSTConnexion tu y est presque bilbo, encore un petit effort!!!
2000/12/16-17:22:38 505 hi all.. how is life at stniccc? :-)
2000/12/16-17:22:56 Vantage nan, tu me vois ou pas? Parce qu'il y a plusieurs salles...
2000/12/16-17:23:52 KRexSTConnexion une salle ou je vois une affiche avec le logo atari et plein de gens regardant des ecrans sur des PC au centre de la salle
2000/12/16-17:24:13 Bilbo kr: did you just ask vantage to perform some strange blond porno for you in front of the webcam?
2000/12/16-17:24:15 Vantage c'est pas nous!!!
2000/12/16-17:24:35 Vantage Hahaha, something like that!
2000/12/16-17:24:54 Bilbo :)
2000/12/16-17:25:02 Vantage Mais Thierry me dit que tu dois voir Marlasch qui tchatche avec The Jokersoft, pardon, Mr. Bee
2000/12/16-17:25:15 Bilbo you'll never fit that mouse where kr wants you to put it, will you?
2000/12/16-17:25:30 Bilbo if you do, you might get a visit from the dutch vice squad!!
2000/12/16-17:25:40 KRexSTConnexion hehe bilbo .... oh by the way, i still cannot use your rippedoff webcam! is it normal? vantage, ask stick about that.
2000/12/16-17:26:17 Vantage stick just left the room for some unattended business...
2000/12/16-17:26:20 KRexSTConnexion puting chuis vert. jvoudrais �tre l� aussi. fuck!!!!!!
2000/12/16-17:26:32 Bilbo nothing to do with me..... i am 5,000 miles away!! it didn't work for me either!! go shout at stick!!
2000/12/16-17:26:47 Bilbo proabably some more gay porno!!
2000/12/16-17:26:47 Vantage You know, it's a weird time travelling feeling we have here, I even saw an old Atari 800 XL
2000/12/16-17:27:00 Vantage Tough shit Kregiresch
2000/12/16-17:27:27 KRexSTConnexion yes klaus, shout at stick for us! by the way send me the rippedoff cd-rom after the cenvention!
2000/12/16-17:27:56 Vantage Message from Marlonsch to Kregiresch: Et un, et deux et trois zero
2000/12/16-17:28:00 Bilbo does anyone know of a st emul for unix/linux??
2000/12/16-17:28:13 KRexSTConnexion klaus comment s'est pass� le voyage et tout et tout?
2000/12/16-17:28:23 Vantage Patrick, tu m'installes mon ST?
2000/12/16-17:28:46 KRexSTConnexion message de Krazy rex � marlonsch!!! euh maintenant on a laiss� tomber le foot on pref�re le tennis hahahha
2000/12/16-17:28:56 Vantage Ben g retrouve Kronosch et Marlasch a l'hotel a midi et demie, car on etait a notre XMas Conference a Amsterdam chez Philippe Maurice
2000/12/16-17:29:26 KRexSTConnexion i don't but klaus has an internal emul for french if you're interrested
2000/12/16-17:29:29 Vantage Y'a Mister Full Skrine qui vient d
2000/12/16-17:29:35 Vantage arriver dans la salle
2000/12/16-17:29:45 Vantage Oh l'enculus!
2000/12/16-17:29:56 KRexSTConnexion haha Felipe Mauricio, tu veux dire?
2000/12/16-17:30:12 KRexSTConnexion c'est ki sui-la?
2000/12/16-17:30:20 Vantage Ouais c un peu asse!
2000/12/16-17:30:36 Vantage Ilja de Laiveulle Sixtine
2000/12/16-17:30:47 Bilbo really? vantage: do you have a working st emul for linux?
2000/12/16-17:30:56 Vantage Patrick, t'a Outrun en 2pro?
2000/12/16-17:31:32 Vantage No, I've heard a lot about linux, but I've never met him
2000/12/16-17:31:58 Bilbo have you seen his blond videos though?
2000/12/16-17:32:40 Vantage Patrick, y'a Maxime le Fou qui vient d'entrer
2000/12/16-17:33:04 KRexSTConnexion cool, ya ki d'autre?
2000/12/16-17:33:23 Vantage Daryl, 6719 de Tex
2000/12/16-17:33:58 Vantage Mr Bee, Fourisch, Furyo, DIM, Ziggy, y'a meme Marlasch
2000/12/16-17:34:05 KRexSTConnexion essaye de trouver la webcam pour me dire bnjour, toi thierry et fabien
2000/12/16-17:34:13 Vantage Marloes
2000/12/16-17:34:28 Vantage Et g la gouelesch dans le oukesch
2000/12/16-17:34:42 KRexSTConnexion l'ambiance est cool? lorsque vous etes arrives ils etaient tous deja la?
2000/12/16-17:35:06 Vantage Pratiquement ouais... Y'a aussi ULM au fait
2000/12/16-17:35:20 KRexSTConnexion puting chuis vert de vert de ne pas etre la
2000/12/16-17:35:43 KRexSTConnexion jvais envoyer un email au belzebub pour voir s'il ne peux pas venir nous rejoindre en virtuel
2000/12/16-17:35:48 Vantage Et comme je te l'ai dit, Sammy Joe
2000/12/16-17:35:58 Vantage Bezeubbesch
2000/12/16-17:36:10 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: sorry you are problably lost
2000/12/16-17:36:38 KRexSTConnexion haha d'ailleurs t'es aller fumer une clope avec lui? puting tu t'investis a fond dans ton boulot heheheh
2000/12/16-17:37:01 Vantage Ben ouais, sauf qu'il fume des Lucky Strike le bougre... Comme Marloes
2000/12/16-17:37:50 KRexSTConnexion hehe ouais, et moi des camels, mais la j'ai des marloboro avec moi, parce qu'ils n'avaient pas de camel l� o� j'ai achwet�
2000/12/16-17:37:56 Bilbo kr: almost lost... but i can follow some of your chat!! (you're very sad not to be there to meet all those people!)
2000/12/16-17:38:18 TNS Forsooth!
2000/12/16-17:38:48 Vantage En fait les gens ici tchatchent, surfent comme des malades sur internet, et y'a kelkes programmeurs hardcore qui font mumusent sur des vieilles becanes
2000/12/16-17:38:54 KRexSTConnexion klaus, c'est cool de pouvoir chatter avec vous et c'est dommage que la webcam sois pas dans ta salle... vous avec une salle propre ou vou vous baladez seulement?
2000/12/16-17:39:58 cronos KrazyRex: We have decided that your ST News logo stuff will also be admitted into the competition!
2000/12/16-17:40:01 Vantage y'a un webcam dans notre salle, dispo sur le site ripped off, mais ca foire
2000/12/16-17:40:14 KRexSTConnexion yes, bilbo, "I wish I were there". but in the other, i'm going to the beach today, not them har har har
2000/12/16-17:40:38 KRexSTConnexion yeah!!! thankx to my virtual participation right?
2000/12/16-17:40:54 Bilbo kr: how hot is it down there today?
2000/12/16-17:41:09 Vantage It's true that beach activities in Holland with the current weather are pretty limited
2000/12/16-17:41:10 cronos Krazy: Yep. And because there's 3 STCNX people here anyway.
2000/12/16-17:41:23 cronos ABout 4 degrees Celcius. Maybe 1 or 2 more.
2000/12/16-17:41:36 KRexSTConnexion I hope you enjoyed the animation. it was pain in the ass doing it "clandestinely" at tv globo
2000/12/16-17:41:57 Bilbo mr prescott!!!
2000/12/16-17:42:10 Vantage To answer your question Patrick: several rooms, and we move around as we like
2000/12/16-17:42:14 Vantage kr: you little cheater
2000/12/16-17:42:34 KRexSTConnexion it's 34 degrees celcius... I don't know the translation in farenheit :)
2000/12/16-17:42:55 Bilbo vantage: do you have people to carry you between rooms or do you just walk?
2000/12/16-17:43:05 Vantage Patrick: no computer here is sufficiently pouissantesch to run your animation smoothly (in one VBL)
2000/12/16-17:43:29 Vantage Bilbo: why do you ask? I have my full staff with me here
2000/12/16-17:43:48 Bilbo v: do they carry you??
2000/12/16-17:44:07 KRexSTConnexion 1 month ago, I accidentaly deleted all my animation data (1,3 Gb)... I almost gave up
2000/12/16-17:44:12 Vantage no, why???
2000/12/16-17:44:55 Bilbo v: just wondering! so you walk then like everybody else? :)
2000/12/16-17:45:17 KRexSTConnexion they used to carry the Rex only, but now that vantage has a good car, they also do the job for him
2000/12/16-17:45:24 Bilbo kr: why did you delete your anim data?
2000/12/16-17:45:43 Vantage yes, I even have 2 feet (size 49, or for your Brits out there, 13)
2000/12/16-17:45:44 Bilbo ahhh.... i see now!
2000/12/16-17:46:13 Stick Bilbo, I gather that you can't see the video feed on our site - Is that correct?
2000/12/16-17:46:31 Vantage When such a disk failure arrives, the only thing I can say is ESBAM (the first one to guess what this means will get, er..., a diploma from me)
2000/12/16-17:46:38 Bilbo v: size 13????? wah..... you have ships not feet!!
2000/12/16-17:46:52 Bilbo stick: tried it earlier but it didn't work!! :(
2000/12/16-17:47:00 KRexSTConnexion bilbo, can't you understand that vantage was carried away when he arrived at the stniccc 2000 and saw so many beautiful ladies?
2000/12/16-17:47:13 Bilbo Eat Shit Bastars Arsehole Motherfucker?
2000/12/16-17:47:22 KRexSTConnexion bilbo, can't you understand that vantage was carried away when he arrived at the stniccc 2000 and saw so many beautiful ladies?
2000/12/16-17:47:38 Vantage I wonder where these are
2000/12/16-17:47:42 Stick Mr O'Blib, can u try it again & tell me if it's werkin - fanks!
2000/12/16-17:47:44 Bilbo beautiful ladies at a coding convention??? times have changed!!!!!
2000/12/16-17:48:13 Bilbo stick: ok.. one sec
2000/12/16-17:48:18 Stick Easily stuffed big 'airy motor?
2000/12/16-17:48:33 KRexSTConnexion vantage's legendary feet are much more than a reality
2000/12/16-17:48:52 Vantage ESBAM=Eat Shit and Bark At the Moon... But you were pretty close
2000/12/16-17:49:03 KRexSTConnexion stick: i'm trying too....
2000/12/16-17:49:53 Vantage Actually the beautiful ladies were at our XMas Conference
2000/12/16-17:50:16 Wiz ve shall getz dis going if possible
2000/12/16-17:50:28 KRexSTConnexion oh, in Brazil you say CMLPL!!! Come Merda e Late Pra Lua!
2000/12/16-17:50:40 Stick If Vantage is taking about one of the ladies I've just seen here, then you ARE missing out!
2000/12/16-17:51:25 TNS Whoa! lotsa peeplez!
2000/12/16-17:51:37 Wiz all the ladies over here are excellent, you ARE missing out
2000/12/16-17:51:44 TNS Hi all!
2000/12/16-17:51:53 Stick After almost 10 years Vantage is still very tall......
2000/12/16-17:52:04 Wiz Hi
2000/12/16-17:52:16 Vantage Note: Here meaning Holland, not STNICCC
2000/12/16-17:52:20 Stick Yep, I can vouch for Wiz on that one. The Dutch women are VERY tasty!
2000/12/16-17:52:25 KRexSTConnexion ok, i think i will leave this enchanted virtual land for a while, because it's time for lunch here in Rio!!!
2000/12/16-17:53:00 Stick But dunno about the fashion trend for Star Trek traousers tho!
2000/12/16-17:53:08 Vantage Ok, catch up with you later Patrick, but let's see when...
2000/12/16-17:53:17 TNS It's almost dinner time here... The food is very good here!
2000/12/16-17:53:24 KRexSTConnexion And is Ripped Off still the funnieST in the scene?
2000/12/16-17:53:25 Wiz and leather jackets
2000/12/16-17:53:46 Stick Any news on the RO Web cam???
2000/12/16-17:54:07 Wiz trying to keep the END up ya knowz
2000/12/16-17:54:20 Stick Erm, I think that honour goes to Bilbo, but I try my best!
2000/12/16-17:54:29 Vantage Stick,. does the connection lost message answer your question?
2000/12/16-17:54:57 Stick Poo...
2000/12/16-17:55:29 Vantage Ah Patrick y'a Chaos Inc. a deux places de moi sur la gauche
2000/12/16-17:55:33 Vantage Echt?
2000/12/16-17:56:09 KRexSTConnexion anyway ripped off has kept on showing the good example
2000/12/16-17:56:45 Vantage bar hopping you mean?
2000/12/16-17:56:50 KRexSTConnexion hahahhaa klaus!!! montre lui le tetard sur le cd rom et demande lui s'il se souvient?
2000/12/16-17:56:53 Stick Yes, I try to show my arse in public as much as I can!
2000/12/16-17:57:34 Gunstick hi
2000/12/16-17:57:50 Gunstick someone knows something about ST emulators?
2000/12/16-17:58:02 Vantage Cregyrech... Pas bo... Po la...
2000/12/16-17:58:06 KRexSTConnexion stick: "The requested URL was not found on this" (AS USUAL). is it beacause I live in Brazil and you don't have any consideration for the tropics?
2000/12/16-17:58:21 Vantage Gunstick, you talk too much about business related issues
2000/12/16-17:58:22 Stick Hey, do you know? Asian accents are all the rage now, especially in Bradford!
2000/12/16-17:58:24 KRexSTConnexion salut georges! ca faisait longtemps (environ 10 ans)
2000/12/16-17:58:53 Vantage Is the Ripped Off site an EU only application
2000/12/16-17:59:18 Vantage Bilbo is back to prowl and growl
2000/12/16-17:59:23 Stick krAZYreCKS: You mean you cannot access RO's site at all?
2000/12/16-17:59:36 Gunstick eh oui, tres longtemps...
2000/12/16-17:59:38 Stick Oh Hail Bilbo!
2000/12/16-17:59:40 KRexSTConnexion yes, today we talk about webcams because i want to see my friends that i haven't seen for a long long time
2000/12/16-17:59:51 Wiz ok I am gonna change the way the webcam works
2000/12/16-18:00:06 Wiz bear with me it may take 30 mins or so
2000/12/16-18:00:39 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: do you know the computer animation: "bilbo the clown"? oops: "bingo the hobbit", sorry...
2000/12/16-18:00:47 Vantage Krazy Wrecks: when are u getting married?
2000/12/16-18:01:03 KRexSTConnexion Hail Bilbo! heheh Sticks seems to know it
2000/12/16-18:02:00 KRexSTConnexion vantage: when I'll wake up early in the morning... so... dunno!
2000/12/16-18:02:49 KRexSTConnexion vantage: anyway don't use my upcoming marriage as an excuse for not visiting me during the carnival
2000/12/16-18:03:08 Bilbo bilbo changes name to "gay blond french porn fan"
2000/12/16-18:03:46 Bilbo erm..... that ripped offowe bcam is lame!! :))
2000/12/16-18:04:29 Vantage FYI, The ES Bomb has just arrived
2000/12/16-18:04:32 Bilbo stick: fraid it didn't work for me!! logged back on to wankdoze and tried it too!
2000/12/16-18:04:35 KRexSTConnexion lame webcam! gay fan!
2000/12/16-18:04:44 Stick Hey! I just want to say that Richard has a superb event here!
2000/12/16-18:05:23 KRexSTConnexion Ah, yeah!
2000/12/16-18:05:23 Stick Bilbo, Till Brubeck is sat behind me & he still wears 'those' glasses!
2000/12/16-18:05:47 KRexSTConnexion ah, shut up stick, stop bothering us!
2000/12/16-18:05:48 Bilbo i just want to say that the new cronos backdoor bomber worked great for me and my gay friends.. i highly recommend it!!
2000/12/16-18:06:10 Stick Better than our 'Great British Pigeon shit encrusted ST Party'!
2000/12/16-18:06:11 Bilbo tell him i finally took the plunge (on his advice) and put redhat on my machine :)
2000/12/16-18:06:32 KRexSTConnexion hahaha bilbo! you never stop, do you?
2000/12/16-18:06:54 Vantage Anybody knows the difference between a priest and a woman in a bath?
2000/12/16-18:07:03 ApH KRexSTConnexion: salut, je cherche Splash/Sector One, est-ce qu'ils est la ?
2000/12/16-18:07:12 KRexSTConnexion hei stick and bilbo: are U english or scottish?
2000/12/16-18:07:17 Bilbo so is the webcam streaming some franco/german "tall" pornos now??
2000/12/16-18:07:39 KRexSTConnexion klausraconte moi d'autres nouvelles
2000/12/16-18:07:50 Vantage KREX, don't talk about sensitive issues... Let
2000/12/16-18:08:03 Bilbo krs: i try not to!! btw.... i was running through some of our old r.o menus (testing a mac st emul) and wanted to say TNX!! for the krx piccy on the stcnx guest disk..... the one with a knight riding out of a castle@!!!!
2000/12/16-18:08:05 Vantage 's just say that they are from Yorkshire.......
2000/12/16-18:08:24 Vantage Ben Marlonsch et Kronosch sont toujours les memes
2000/12/16-18:08:28 Bilbo (i'm sure the pic wasn't specially done for us.... but (7-8 years later) i'd like to thank you for letting us use it!!)
2000/12/16-18:08:30 KRexSTConnexion et l'anim, elle tourne bien en une vbl?
2000/12/16-18:08:36 Stick Krazy: What nationality do you want me to be?
2000/12/16-18:08:56 Bilbo yorkshire..... god's country!!!!
2000/12/16-18:09:26 Bilbo krz: comes from pornoland!! so he is pornish!!
2000/12/16-18:09:52 ApH Hello, I'm looking for someone from Sector One. Could anyone try to find a member for me?
2000/12/16-18:09:55 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: you are welcome as usual. it was simply the very first digital picture i made in my life
2000/12/16-18:10:15 Stick ok I'm from Yorkshire - where Bradford Asian accents are all the rage!
2000/12/16-18:10:25 KRexSTConnexion stick: italian?
2000/12/16-18:10:36 Bilbo hi aph.... i'm not at the party.. do you want me to check in my house??? :)
2000/12/16-18:10:50 KRexSTConnexion hehe... now I remember the scottas are: fingerbobs
2000/12/16-18:10:56 Bilbo krx: really? your first... nahhh!!!
2000/12/16-18:11:02 Stick O solo meo!
2000/12/16-18:11:24 KRexSTConnexion stick the italian stallone
2000/12/16-18:11:26 ApH Bilbo: no thanks :) At least I know this chat works :)
2000/12/16-18:11:33 Stick Yeah, the Fingerbobs are Scottish...
2000/12/16-18:11:54 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: yes it was: i made it it in 1987 with Degas (or was it Neochrome???)
2000/12/16-18:11:57 Stick Yeah, Sylvester Stallone!
2000/12/16-18:12:09 Wiz alright mate i got me a lovered bmw vith top five spokes , innit
2000/12/16-18:12:11 Vantage Putain Patrick, ES a perdu 15 kg et s'est rase... Mais il est toujours le meme, et porte un t-shirt Thalion noir, excellent. Et pis un badge TEX avec son nom
2000/12/16-18:12:15 Bilbo aph: so where are you aph?? not at the party (like me) :((
2000/12/16-18:13:12 ApH Bilbo: yeah, not at the party :-( I couldn't come...
2000/12/16-18:13:37 Bilbo krx: so when stcnx do a guest disk - they use all their early sutff????? (pre-1987)
2000/12/16-18:13:47 KRexSTConnexion stick: brittish cinema is the best in the world (but in the other hand , you don't have your football and our girls, har har har) .. NB: our: i mean brazilian (no french)
2000/12/16-18:13:55 Stick Bilbo, you never could....
2000/12/16-18:14:10 Stick :)
2000/12/16-18:14:11 Stick :)
2000/12/16-18:14:38 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: stcnx started in 1987... before this there was only a software called ST Tap, hehehhe... (ask vantage about it)
2000/12/16-18:15:05 Bilbo krx: what are you saying about french girls??? ;)))))))
2000/12/16-18:15:23 Vantage yeah, it's called recycling
2000/12/16-18:15:28 Bilbo krx: i only talk to vantage about his latest porno flix!!
2000/12/16-18:15:32 KRexSTConnexion klaus: ah bah il n'a pas du vieillir de 10 ans alors
2000/12/16-18:16:39 TheFate huhu people at the front of the room!
2000/12/16-18:16:46 Vantage Bilbo does California, hahha
2000/12/16-18:16:48 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: nothing about the french girls. too flat. heheheh
2000/12/16-18:17:09 KRexSTConnexion I prefer brazilian B-Splines and Bezier splines
2000/12/16-18:17:10 TheFate can you put the cam back on the monitor ;-) please...
2000/12/16-18:17:30 Vantage For the people not present here: nobody wants to take part in the Dragonflight cracking competition
2000/12/16-18:17:39 Bilbo krx: flat french floozies???
2000/12/16-18:18:34 Bilbo vantage: do you have another name you use in your pornos?
2000/12/16-18:18:41 KRexSTConnexion floozies?
2000/12/16-18:19:02 Bilbo "Rear Admiral Klaus"?
2000/12/16-18:19:04 KRexSTConnexion por favor, o que significa floozies, bilbo?
2000/12/16-18:19:10 Stick I think he goes by 'Big Bob!'
2000/12/16-18:19:32 Bilbo krx: it starts with an "f".... means... erm..... loose women :)
2000/12/16-18:19:45 Vantage Bilbo: Iron Lord (or EasyCum EasyGo, depending on the day)
2000/12/16-18:20:05 Bilbo stick: oh yes.. the "big bob" in germany series!!
2000/12/16-18:20:07 AloneFromTrio yoooooooooooooooooooooo !! iam back
2000/12/16-18:20:26 Bilbo "big bob is pleased to receive"
2000/12/16-18:20:30 Vantage Patrick, hahahahaahahahahaha, Cheachoume est la!!!
2000/12/16-18:21:15 Bilbo alone: we are casting a hardcore gay porno here....... are you interested?
2000/12/16-18:21:29 KRexSTConnexion vantage: turn back and let me score a goal
2000/12/16-18:21:46 AloneFromTrio lol
2000/12/16-18:21:50 Vantage Bilbo has the leading (receiving) role
2000/12/16-18:22:01 ApH Vantage: tu es present a la party ? Est-ce que tu pourrais m'aider a trouver quelqu'un ?
2000/12/16-18:22:20 KRexSTConnexion vantage: haha trop fort!!
2000/12/16-18:22:22 Bilbo big bob in "an insatiable christmas in holland"
2000/12/16-18:22:29 AloneFromTrio just a question : is there an irc chan direct live from the stniccc ?
2000/12/16-18:23:07 Vantage ApH: tu veux pas 100 balles et un gros Mars aussi? Mais dis toujours, tu cherches qui?
2000/12/16-18:23:42 Bilbo to achieve the natural yin and yang desired in any real porno... we need some people who are not tall or blond!! anybody?
2000/12/16-18:23:43 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: what is your opinion about the discrimination that occurs against hobbits in porn films?
2000/12/16-18:23:47 Gunstick dinner time here...
2000/12/16-18:24:09 KRexSTConnexion vantage: restons gentlemen
2000/12/16-18:24:10 ApH Vantage: je cherche Splash/Sector One. Il est assez grand, assez chauve. Merci d'avance ;-)
2000/12/16-18:24:33 Vantage Bilbo you fit that description perfectly I believe
2000/12/16-18:24:37 Bilbo the true sexual nature of a beast with hairy feet has never been fully explored in west european porn....
2000/12/16-18:24:38 Vantage SYSOP: Du calme dans les salons
2000/12/16-18:25:00 Vantage Et si je le vois, je lui dis koi?
2000/12/16-18:25:22 AloneFromTrio lol
2000/12/16-18:25:26 Bilbo shit!!! you got me there......... ok vantage....... should i touch my toes and think of england??>>> is the camera rolling??? :)
2000/12/16-18:25:34 AloneFromTrio ROD : du calme ;))
2000/12/16-18:25:58 Vantage Bilbo, you disappoint me, California has a negative impact on your emotional balance... Should I call you Bilbo or Dildo
2000/12/16-18:26:15 ApH Vantage: eh ben, s'il peut venir taper quelques mots sur ce chat, ce serait magnifique ;-)
2000/12/16-18:26:20 Stick Bilbo in camera swallowing shock!
2000/12/16-18:26:57 KRexSTConnexion at least, they are employed for passive roles in Brazil. but what about the western world?
2000/12/16-18:27:08 Bilbo vantage: you will be my human dildo!!
2000/12/16-18:27:08 Vantage APH: Bon, si je le vois, pas de pb, je lui dis
2000/12/16-18:27:46 Bilbo stick: have you seen gone in 60 seconds yet?
2000/12/16-18:28:21 Stick Mr O'Blib, yes I saw it a while ago. I was disappointed...
2000/12/16-18:28:25 ApH Vantage: tu connais quelqu'un de Sector One ou non ?
2000/12/16-18:28:47 AloneFromTrio why the Realtime STNICC2000 Chat Login on the ripped oof site do not work ?
2000/12/16-18:29:01 Bilbo really??? even with vinnie jones?? :)))
2000/12/16-18:29:11 KRexSTConnexion puting j'avais oubli� tout �a... ca existe toujours rtel, en plus non?
2000/12/16-18:29:18 Vantage ApH: Nan, mais j'ai vu pas mal de francais
2000/12/16-18:29:52 Bilbo vantage:: how dare you send me a private message saying "je t'en prie prendre ma bitte a la maine"
2000/12/16-18:30:17 ApH Vantage: OK, sinon est-ce que tu connais DBug/NeXT ?
2000/12/16-18:30:21 Vantage Ouais, mais les tres rares fois ou j'y vais, c le desert de Gobi
2000/12/16-18:30:28 Stick Alone: Cos Wiz can't get it working correctly....
2000/12/16-18:30:44 KRexSTConnexion hahah bilbo your french is not so bad... where did you learn such a prose?
2000/12/16-18:31:03 Vantage ApH: Euh, de nom, mais pour le reste, ca fait une decennie alors
2000/12/16-18:31:09 AloneFromTrio stick : why dont you fix and irc chan ??
2000/12/16-18:31:34 Bilbo krx: from vantage..... he just priv msged me with that stuff!!
2000/12/16-18:31:44 KRexSTConnexion klasus dis bonjur a tout mes vieux potes de ma part, et qu'ils viennent un peu parler de bite avec nous ici sur le chat
2000/12/16-18:32:14 Vantage Bilbo: Stop turning your dreams into reality
2000/12/16-18:32:19 KRexSTConnexion klaus, dbug, notre bon vieux pote... mais je ne saurais pas le reconnaitre.. il est l� aussi, ApH?
2000/12/16-18:32:47 ApH Vantage: mmm... OK. Je dois y aller, donc si tu ne le trouves pas, c'est pas grave...
2000/12/16-18:33:12 Bilbo more coffee.......... hardcore porno will return shortly!
2000/12/16-18:33:23 ApH Vantage: juste une derniere question : est-ce que tu sais si l'auteur de SainT (l'emu ST) est sur place et s'il a release son emu ?
2000/12/16-18:33:40 KRexSTConnexion klaus, quand est-ce que fabien et thierry viennent me voir sur le chat?
2000/12/16-18:33:57 Vantage ApH: Nan il parait qu'il n
2000/12/16-18:34:04 Stick APH. Non....
2000/12/16-18:34:21 Vantage merde, qu'il n'est pas la et que la sortie est repoussee. Idem pour la Union Demo 2000 sur PC
2000/12/16-18:35:02 KRexSTConnexion stick, tu parles fran�ais aussi?
2000/12/16-18:35:36 ApH Vantage et Stick: OK, merci!
2000/12/16-18:35:47 Stick Krazy: un petit, maintainent...
2000/12/16-18:36:02 AloneFromTrio ARGGGGGGGGGGG qui peux me dire si ya un chan irc quelque part ou ya les gens de la stniccc car jaimerai envoyer mes prod pour les contest ;)
2000/12/16-18:36:59 ApH Vantage: bon, j'y vais. Merci pour tout! Finalement ne te derange pas pour Splash, c'est pas tres important...
2000/12/16-18:37:26 ApH A+
2000/12/16-18:37:46 Wiz ok guys try the ripped-off webcam
2000/12/16-18:37:53 KRexSTConnexion stick: go to the front of the webcam and say hi to your oversea friends!
2000/12/16-18:37:53 Wiz its changed and I cannot get the chat throught firewall
2000/12/16-18:37:54 Bilbo MODERATOR: can we turn the french filter on please :)))
2000/12/16-18:38:29 Wiz sorry try the lame ripped-off web cam
2000/12/16-18:38:56 Stick Krazy: I used to holiday in France for 5 weeks a year for over ten years & thus my French became very good. Sadly I have only visited that fine country one in the last 10 years - thus I have lost most of my abilities to speak anything other than basic French.
2000/12/16-18:38:58 Bilbo it works!!! but is well out of focus!!
2000/12/16-18:38:59 KRexSTConnexion stick: go to the front of the webcam and say hi to your oversea friends!
2000/12/16-18:39:17 Stick Bilbo: Hope you can see my lovely arse on your screen now....
2000/12/16-18:39:44 Wiz hang on
2000/12/16-18:40:10 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: ah come on, I'm doing my best but sometimes my english bugs too much
2000/12/16-18:40:17 Bilbo it could be your arse... do you have your arse-hair cut short over your ears???
2000/12/16-18:40:28 Bilbo can we not make the pic smaller then it would load faster???
2000/12/16-18:40:40 Bilbo focus is better now!!!
2000/12/16-18:41:02 Bilbo is somebody wearing a pink shirt behind you, nigel????
2000/12/16-18:41:10 Bilbo arrggghhh.... focus is fucked again!!
2000/12/16-18:41:13 Stick Focus in ongoing....
2000/12/16-18:41:31 Bilbo (guess the lag doesn't help, eh?)
2000/12/16-18:41:32 Stick Yep it's Vantage! POOF!
2000/12/16-18:41:46 AloneFromTrio put your refresh value smaller
2000/12/16-18:41:57 Vantage Bilbo, who do ya think that is?? I am sitting there esp. for you
2000/12/16-18:42:06 Stick Wiz is still 'playing' with the Web cam settings!
2000/12/16-18:42:07 Bilbo no way!!!!!!! vantage.. are you wearing a PINK shirt??????
2000/12/16-18:42:21 KRexSTConnexion shit!! i still have "file not found" "The requested URL was not found on this server"
2000/12/16-18:42:25 Bilbo pic size is better.... let me see how quick it loads
2000/12/16-18:42:48 Bilbo PERFECT!!!!! webcam is A-OK!!!
2000/12/16-18:43:10 Bilbo pic is c00l.... refresh is too slow!
2000/12/16-18:43:13 KRexSTConnexion i will have to report this lack of consideration to the UNESCO
2000/12/16-18:43:19 Vantage Bilbo, fuck you very much, wot the hell do ya have against pink shirts
2000/12/16-18:43:27 Bilbo but now i can't see vantage's pink shirt!!!
2000/12/16-18:43:30 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: gimme the url
2000/12/16-18:43:40 Wiz hang on
2000/12/16-18:43:52 Bilbo
2000/12/16-18:43:53 Stick Fiddling ahoy!
2000/12/16-18:44:14 KRexSTConnexion haha klaus do you REALLY wear a pink shirt???
2000/12/16-18:44:26 Bilbo stick: stop fiddlingh.. it will fall off!!!
2000/12/16-18:44:42 AloneFromTrio put your refresh value smaller
2000/12/16-18:44:48 Vantage Well, you liked that last time we saw each other
2000/12/16-18:44:49 Bilbo of course he does............. he is a true french gay(porno)lord!!
2000/12/16-18:45:06 Stick already has mate, pulled it off a long time ago!
2000/12/16-18:45:11 KRexSTConnexion "file not found" again....I give up (hello UNESCO?)
2000/12/16-18:45:35 Vantage My name is Gaylord Focker
2000/12/16-18:45:44 Bilbo i liked it because it matched your lime green undies!!!
2000/12/16-18:46:04 Stick Krazy: give it a mo....
2000/12/16-18:46:19 KRexSTConnexion yes and I also love to wear orange and pink shirts, but not in parties such as stniccc
2000/12/16-18:46:20 Bilbo krx: you are not in europe now!!
2000/12/16-18:46:31 AloneFromTrio yeah it's better ;)
2000/12/16-18:46:46 Vantage Bilbo: ;))))
2000/12/16-18:47:00 Bilbo hmmm... it's now refreshing without updating the image!!
2000/12/16-18:47:04 Stick All: Wiz is trying to get the Web cam settings right. So pleas be patient. We can't stream so we're having to push updated stills...
2000/12/16-18:47:14 Bilbo aft: some anti-european sentiment there??? :)))))
2000/12/16-18:47:55 Bilbo vantage: once we get this cam working.... would you be prepared to stand up on the table and let us see your trousers (or lack of them)?
2000/12/16-18:48:08 Stick Someone mentions Aunty European sediment?
2000/12/16-18:48:38 AloneFromTrio just install the camarade webcam soft, get it on, easy to install and streaming facilities
2000/12/16-18:48:39 Bilbo hey hey..... heineken!!!
2000/12/16-18:49:35 Stick Hey hey can u see Klaus?
2000/12/16-18:49:59 Stick All: isn't technolgy wonderful?
2000/12/16-18:50:05 Bilbo vantage: why so serious? smile....... stand up.... show us your porno poses!!!
2000/12/16-18:51:50 Stick I think we have the webcam sussed now...
2000/12/16-18:51:51 Bilbo hold on: methinks all our french-speaking comrades have gone priv8..... you can talk french if you like... someone turn the french filer off!!!
2000/12/16-18:53:02 Stick Bilbo: Pity u haven't got a webcam at your end - frightening thought..... ;)
2000/12/16-18:53:31 Bilbo on the assumption that nobody is moving too much... the cam seems to be working!!
2000/12/16-18:53:36 Vantage Yeah, in case you had one Bilbo, wot would you show us?
2000/12/16-18:54:07 Bilbo ahhh... god bless!!!! someone is saluting me :)))))))
2000/12/16-18:54:26 Bilbo i do have one, vantage..... and what's mine is yours :)))
2000/12/16-18:54:45 Bilbo vantage changes handle to "pretty in pink"
2000/12/16-18:55:07 Wiz oh my friggin god
2000/12/16-18:55:08 Vantage only one?
2000/12/16-18:55:12 Wiz Bilbo u should be glad u are there
2000/12/16-18:55:26 Vantage ok, time for some dinner, catch up with you later
2000/12/16-18:55:29 Bilbo hahahahaha..... good arse!!!!!!
2000/12/16-18:56:05 Bilbo eat well, klaus :)
2000/12/16-18:56:09 Wiz cam seems fine now
2000/12/16-18:56:11 Stick Is it good enough to get me in your next production?
2000/12/16-18:56:28 Bilbo nigel.. can you wap your buttox out again please..... i was too slow in saving that pic before it got updated!
2000/12/16-18:56:59 Bilbo it shows potential...... the path less trodden... etc. etc.
2000/12/16-18:57:39 Bilbo can';t read that... contrast is too bright...
2000/12/16-18:57:59 Bilbo got it... yes thanks!!! a fine backdoor on you!!!
2000/12/16-18:58:11 cronos Those Ripped Off people are some sick individuals.
2000/12/16-18:58:24 Stick Gotta be a bomber!!!
2000/12/16-18:58:52 Stick Cronos: more of the sick & less of the people please....
2000/12/16-18:58:52 Wiz sick, well nto until Stick got his exhaust out
2000/12/16-18:58:57 Wiz and without a silencer
2000/12/16-18:59:09 Wiz or a catalytic converter
2000/12/16-18:59:13 Bilbo thank you kind, sir!!!
2000/12/16-19:00:06 Bilbo and pleased are we to involve our friends of dutch who like plenty with the backdoor action, yes?
2000/12/16-19:01:02 Stick Bilbo: We'll be posting 'Wiz & Stick's mystery tour of Holland' article up onto the site with the next half hour or so...
2000/12/16-19:02:00 Bilbo oh right...... did you have some probz getting to the place?? i logged on yesterday about 6-8pm duthc time and you were nowhere to be found (i was getting worred!! as you said you were getting up at 5am)
2000/12/16-19:02:17 Stick The loosing of my passport at the #ICC2 pales in comparison....
2000/12/16-19:02:38 Stick Check the article & all will be revealed - but sadly, not my arse!
2000/12/16-19:02:55 Bilbo oh dear....................... do you do this often... or just on european st trips???
2000/12/16-19:03:12 Stick But, I'm sure all those Dutch guys were frantically capturing their screens....
2000/12/16-19:03:29 Bilbo ok.. don't do anything amusing on the cam... cause i'm closing the window so i can free up some b/width to check my mail!!
2000/12/16-19:03:47 Stick It's just me. Something goes wrong with almost every foreign visit...
2000/12/16-19:03:48 Stick ;(
2000/12/16-19:04:01 Bilbo but i'm still logged on here...........
2000/12/16-19:04:22 Stick I only show my arse live on the net once in a lifetime you know...
2000/12/16-19:04:39 Bilbo so what time did you arrive there?
2000/12/16-19:05:04 Stick We got to Amsterdam @ 9am
2000/12/16-19:05:22 Stick Got to our Hotel (about 5 mins from the event) @ 8pm...
2000/12/16-19:05:26 Bilbo bastards... i just signed up for dsl.. and then found out i'm too far from the [whatever] to get it where i live at the mo!! :((
2000/12/16-19:05:54 Bilbo and how far away is the hotel?????
2000/12/16-19:06:12 Stick DSL? Same problem here - bloody BT...
2000/12/16-19:06:16 Stick About 5 mins walk.
2000/12/16-19:06:49 Bilbo hey.... did you hear about that wireless dsl thingy in uk?? tenner a month!!!
2000/12/16-19:07:06 Bilbo 5 mins walk.,,,,,, 11 hours??? i have to read the article :))
2000/12/16-19:07:37 Stick Yep, but you can't get it - all the telcos are advertising it, but I don't know anyone who's applied that got it..
2000/12/16-19:07:55 Stick When you read it you will laugh till your guts hurt!
2000/12/16-19:09:00 Bilbo i think mick got it..... i'll check with him!
2000/12/16-19:09:18 Bilbo so are you in amsterdam???
2000/12/16-19:09:22 Stick Anywayz, gonna get some food, cos I'm starving...
2000/12/16-19:09:53 Bilbo ok..... i'm gonna log off cos i'm expecting a call........
2000/12/16-19:10:08 Bilbo i'll log back on later at some point for more abuse!!
2000/12/16-19:21:46 KRexSTConnexion yeah!!! I went to another computer and the rippedoff wcan now works!!!
2000/12/16-19:22:13 KRexSTConnexion i can see klaus with his pink shirt!!!
2000/12/16-19:27:32 KRexSTConnexion stick: what the hell are you doing?
2000/12/16-19:29:50 KRexSTConnexion salut les mecs! c' est pas trop t^ot!!!!!
2000/12/16-19:30:16 Stick Krazy: U like, U want? U buy?
2000/12/16-19:30:30 kronosmarlon ben oui on a ete bouffer un peu
2000/12/16-19:31:43 kronosmarlon on a reussi finalement a faire tourner ton animation correctement sur un pIII 600
2000/12/16-19:32:17 Wiz heya back from some food
2000/12/16-19:32:19 kronosmarlon tu veux voir notre gueulesch patrick ?
2000/12/16-19:32:54 KRexSTConnexion stick: your webcam is cool, but in this computer I lost the stniccc cam (no AXIS ActiveX Camera Control)
2000/12/16-19:33:11 KRexSTConnexion ah cool thierry... en fullscreen une vbl?
2000/12/16-19:33:29 kronosmarlon oui sur un portable
2000/12/16-19:33:34 KRexSTConnexion ouais venez derriere stick, j' ai vu klaus tout a lheure
2000/12/16-19:33:46 Stick Krazy: Shut down you browser & re-connect to the STNICC cam, it should try to install an applet..
2000/12/16-19:34:21 KRexSTConnexion quoi c' est vous deux derriere stick?
2000/12/16-19:34:47 KRexSTConnexion stick: i tried to install it but it didn' t find the adequate directory i think
2000/12/16-19:35:04 Stick pardon? en abglais s'il vous plait...
2000/12/16-19:35:05 kronosmarlon oui je pense
2000/12/16-19:35:22 KRexSTConnexion hihi c' est fabien avec les mains sur la tete et cet air desespere?
2000/12/16-19:35:48 kronosmarlon tu m'as vu ma poule?
2000/12/16-19:35:56 KRexSTConnexion stick: i asked kronos&marlon if they are the 2 guys just behind you
2000/12/16-19:36:08 kronosmarlon wi c ca
2000/12/16-19:36:18 kronosmarlon c'est quoi cet air desespere?
2000/12/16-19:37:02 kronosmarlon on a mange des lasagne avec chekchooum patrijk
2000/12/16-19:37:10 KRexSTConnexion stick: i lost the connection with your webcam
2000/12/16-19:37:26 KRexSTConnexion hahaha quel retour 12 ans en arriere!!
2000/12/16-19:38:12 KRexSTConnexion thierry je tavais vu depuis un certain temps deja (tu es arrive un peu apres que klaus ait laisse la place, mais je ne tavais pas reconnu
2000/12/16-19:38:13 kronosmarlon ya steprate qui devrait venir auchi
2000/12/16-19:39:13 kronosmarlon ah bon j ai tellement vieillit ???
2000/12/16-19:39:16 KRexSTConnexion c' est marrant de vous voir tous les deux en train d ecrire, avec marlach debout qui n a pas trouve de chaise a sa mesure
2000/12/16-19:39:53 Stick Krazy: the cam is still running......
2000/12/16-19:40:00 KRexSTConnexion non thierry pas du tout maintenant je te reconnais les doigts dans le nez... ct la resolution graphique qui mavait empeche de te reconnaitre
2000/12/16-19:40:31 kronosmarlon le retour du tugguesch...avec ses blagues a deux ouss...troudeballesch....
2000/12/16-19:40:39 KRexSTConnexion stick: it works again. by the way it had never stop to work (its just that i'm a lame user
2000/12/16-19:41:40 KRexSTConnexion ah maintenant je vois marlach entrain decrire et thierry se marrant . reste pas comme ca les bras croise a ne rien faire thierry! defend moi bordel!!!! et d' abord, c' est qui le numero un mondial du tennis!!! hein?? c ki!!???
2000/12/16-19:41:41 kronosmarlon laaaammmmeeeeeuuuuuuurrrrrrrr
2000/12/16-19:42:12 kronosmarlon je regarde paS LE TENNIS....
2000/12/16-19:42:15 KRexSTConnexion puting fabien t' es gonfle de t' asseoir comme ca sur le siege de thierry
2000/12/16-19:42:42 KRexSTConnexion et moi je ne veux plus regarder le foot, hahaha
2000/12/16-19:42:46 kronosmarlon oui mais on s aime ;-)
2000/12/16-19:42:54 KRexSTConnexion bon mais racontez moi des nouvelles
2000/12/16-19:43:36 KRexSTConnexion merde fabien est parti aux chiottes changer son tampax?
2000/12/16-19:43:37 kronosmarlon cette nuit on a fait la bringue a Dam...
2000/12/16-19:44:15 kronosmarlon il est passe sur une autre becane pour nous rejoindre
2000/12/16-19:44:35 KRexSTConnexion ah et alors vous vous etes tape des demoiselles ou seulement fait du leche vitrine??
2000/12/16-19:44:46 KRexSTConnexion puting je suis trop deg de ne pas avoir opu venir
2000/12/16-19:45:04 KRexSTConnexion voui j' ai vu : fabien t' es juste derriere thierry c est ca?
2000/12/16-19:45:37 kronosmarlon ben je dois t avouer q on a pas sur leur dire non aux fifilles ds les vitrines....
2000/12/16-19:46:37 KRexSTConnexion par contre je vous dis pas comment les filles tuent a cette epoque de l' annee . ya des cannons partout dans les rues, je prefere rester ici devant l ecran pour ne pas devenir fou..... en plus j' ai accompagne me femme a l' aeroport ce matin. elle est partie visiter sa famille au nordeste et ne revient que dans un mois
2000/12/16-19:47:08 MarlonBranlo hullaballuh ...
2000/12/16-19:47:30 KRexSTConnexion stick: did you point the camera to the huge klaus????????
2000/12/16-19:47:37 KRexSTConnexion je vois klaus sur la webcam maintenant!!!
2000/12/16-19:47:53 kronosmarlon ben tu sais que moi aussi figure toi, je suis seul, car ma femme est en mission sur orleans
2000/12/16-19:48:07 MarlonBranlo ollah un mois tout seul ... ca va etre mission impossible ca ;)
2000/12/16-19:48:34 KRexSTConnexion hullaballooo marlach
2000/12/16-19:49:09 KRexSTConnexion puting thierry faut qu'on aille faire les putes ensemble hehehheeh
2000/12/16-19:49:41 kronosmarlon tu reviens qd sur paris patrijjk ?
2000/12/16-19:50:08 KRexSTConnexion argh je viens de voir klaus s'arracher une crotte de nez... dites lui d' arreter cest gluant cest degueulasse merde!!!
2000/12/16-19:50:45 kronosmarlon je me suis deja organise, je ne rentre a paris que mardi !!
2000/12/16-19:50:47 MarlonBranlo puting....hier, kronos ma emmene dans un bar a la JeanYves Loose .... chanme....
2000/12/16-19:51:29 KRexSTConnexion stick: let me see the whole room , to have an idea about the place
2000/12/16-19:51:36 kronosmarlon klaus a essuye discretos son doigt morveux sous le clavis de l atari, t as vu ca ??
2000/12/16-19:51:55 KRexSTConnexion hahaha!!! et les cafes a dam? vous y etes alles?
2000/12/16-19:52:23 MarlonBranlo thierry je deconnais ;) mais c'est vrai que la nuit s'est bien prolongee...
2000/12/16-19:52:37 KRexSTConnexion qu est-ce que tu fous sur le ST klaus?
2000/12/16-19:52:58 kronosmarlon on a tout fait !! les bars , les coffee , les teupu
2000/12/16-19:53:19 MarlonBranlo on a fait un petit tour dans un coffee ... mais moi, je fume um pete et je suis stone pendant 2 - 3 heures apres....
2000/12/16-19:53:31 KRexSTConnexion remettes la webcam comme avant, il est trop rose a mon gout le klos!!!
2000/12/16-19:53:38 kronosmarlon on a meme failli finir la nuit ds les bras d africaines comme a paris, souviens toi
2000/12/16-19:53:55 KRexSTConnexion ah puting chuis vert de ne pas etre avec vous!!!! fuck!!!!
2000/12/16-19:54:11 KRexSTConnexion et qui avez vous rencontre de sympa?
2000/12/16-19:54:20 KRexSTConnexion haha trop fort les africaines
2000/12/16-19:54:33 MarlonBranlo moralitee ... rien ne vaut une bonne vieille mousse dans un bar topless ou les serveuses ... bonnes a souhait, dansent sur les tables....
2000/12/16-19:54:55 KRexSTConnexion klaus est dans la meme salle que vous?
2000/12/16-19:55:07 MarlonBranlo pas mal...avec thierry ki negociait...ah mon salaud, quel chaud...
2000/12/16-19:55:42 kronosmarlon il est sur l estrade , il a la place du professeur devant nous
2000/12/16-19:55:42 cronos I think people who write French the whole time scare off the people who write in a language that is easier to understand.
2000/12/16-19:56:25 KRexSTConnexion kool, vous vous etes tapez les putes au leche vitrine ou dans une boite a pute meme?
2000/12/16-19:57:11 MarlonBranlo well...during teh walk after lunch .. ahah
2000/12/16-19:57:48 KRexSTConnexion cronos: what do you suggest. speaking english with marlon and kronos? hahah it' s an utopia!!!
2000/12/16-19:58:14 KRexSTConnexion klaus est dans la meme salle que vous? (bis)
2000/12/16-19:58:20 kronosmarlon au leche vitrine apres avoir cadrille meticuleusement le secteur pour etre sur d avoir le meilleur rapport qualite prix
2000/12/16-19:58:39 kronosmarlon oui il est devant nous patrick
2000/12/16-19:58:59 MarlonBranlo thanks for the comment my, are you meaning that i'm speaking english as a tuguesh cow?
2000/12/16-19:59:12 KRexSTConnexion hey changez la webcam de position!!
2000/12/16-19:59:54 kronosmarlon klaus ne veut pas kon la move, desolar
2000/12/16-19:59:59 KRexSTConnexion hahah marlach! i mean you' re much funnier in french than in english!!!
2000/12/16-20:00:51 MarlonBranlo arent he sos sexy, your sweet danish boy?
2000/12/16-20:00:59 KRexSTConnexion vantage why do you want the whole world to watch you typing on an atari keyboard! this is demagogy!!!!
2000/12/16-20:01:29 KRexSTConnexion klaus: hein!!!!?????
2000/12/16-20:01:50 KRexSTConnexion oh thank you so much stick!!!
2000/12/16-20:01:54 MarlonBranlo hahhaahhahaha
2000/12/16-20:02:08 kronosmarlon il a fait en sorte de se placer sous son meilleur profil en plus le saligaud !
2000/12/16-20:02:32 MarlonBranlo bon, parlons peu mais serieusement... on revoit quand ta tete de tugguesch????
2000/12/16-20:03:44 KRexSTConnexion bon cette annee je ne dois pas venir en france: pourquoi on ne se fait pas la bringue a rio! ca va demenager!!
2000/12/16-20:04:43 kronosmarlon c qd la periode ou le billet est le moins reuche ?
2000/12/16-20:05:09 MarlonBranlo pourquoi pas ... apres tout les filles ont l'air d'etre vraiment bonne par chez toi... et le soleil...c'est cadeau...
2000/12/16-20:06:03 KRexSTConnexion puting , c est la folie en ce moment .... elles se sont toutes preparees pour l' ete..... tiens j' ai quelques photos a vous envoyer tout de suite si vou voulez
2000/12/16-20:07:09 KRexSTConnexion hors saison c' est moins cher mais je ne suis pas une agence de tourisme
2000/12/16-20:07:13 MarlonBranlo vas y...fais peter...
2000/12/16-20:08:07 KRexSTConnexion oui mais comment j' envoies? je n' arrive meme pas a me connecter sur ICQ
2000/12/16-20:08:35 MarlonBranlo tu es taf?
2000/12/16-20:10:11 KRexSTConnexion oui au taf, specialement pour vous voir en live virtuel
2000/12/16-20:10:33 KRexSTConnexion comme ma femme n est pas la et qu il y a trop de canons dehors, j ai decide de venir ici
2000/12/16-20:11:03 MarlonBranlo et toi aussi...tu as une webcam? alllez fait pas le relou....montre moi ta gouelleschhhh!!!!!
2000/12/16-20:11:50 KRexSTConnexion il y a des webcams ici mais pas sur cet ordi, et meme si il y en avait je ne saurais pas les utiliser....
2000/12/16-20:13:24 KRexSTConnexion tiens je vais vous passer un URL pour que vous puissiez apprecier le cul des bresiliennes qui est en vogue aujourdhui
2000/12/16-20:13:47 MarlonBranlo excellente....
2000/12/16-20:13:49 kronosmarlon oui oui !!
2000/12/16-20:14:11 MarlonBranlo bon thierry, il se fait tard...cela va etre l'heure d'aller voir les petits culs...
2000/12/16-20:14:24 KRexSTConnexion excellente quoi?
2000/12/16-20:14:53 MarlonBranlo quand penses-tu...turlututu... ;)
2000/12/16-20:15:02 KRexSTConnexion attends fab je vais te filer l' url
2000/12/16-20:15:36 MarlonBranlo excellente l' veux
2000/12/16-20:16:02 MarlonBranlo trop fort ... apres ton cd qu'on swappe on va swapper ton url ... ahahahah ...
2000/12/16-20:16:26 KRexSTConnexion
2000/12/16-20:16:36 KRexSTConnexion allez voir le cul de barbara
2000/12/16-20:16:56 KRexSTConnexion et dites vous que la plage en est remplie en ce moment
2000/12/16-20:17:10 MarlonBranlo ok je suis en train de tester ca....
2000/12/16-20:17:20 MarlonBranlo ah oui sympa....
2000/12/16-20:17:33 KRexSTConnexion faites juste cela:
2000/12/16-20:17:41 KRexSTConnexion stick: this is what i was talking about:
2000/12/16-20:17:52 KRexSTConnexion
2000/12/16-20:18:18 kronosmarlon sans dec , tu couches avec des bresiliennes de ce nivo ?
2000/12/16-20:18:18 MarlonBranlo me trou le cul... mais va pas mal comprendre oh mon braziou...
2000/12/16-20:19:39 KRexSTConnexion ben thierry: pas loin.... mais faut payer hehehe... nan sans dec.... parfois c' est gratuit
2000/12/16-20:20:25 MarlonBranlo pat: thierry est un pro de la negoce... je veux revoir ca ce roisse...
2000/12/16-20:20:44 KRexSTConnexion pas trop tot klaus... on s' est deja fais engueuler par richard parce qu' on ne parle que francais
2000/12/16-20:21:01 KRexSTConnexion ouais mais pour barbara c' est ici et pas ailleurs
2000/12/16-20:21:12 kronosmarlon whaou vantage izbaque
2000/12/16-20:21:19 Vantage Back here guyz...
2000/12/16-20:21:50 Vantage Putain ca m'a fait tout drole de me retrouver sur un ST, gravos...
2000/12/16-20:21:58 MarlonBranlo tu sais bien qu'il n'y pas que le sexe qui nous par exemple, j'aime bien aussi les histoires de cul...
2000/12/16-20:22:25 Vantage Je suis alle taper quelques paragraphes sur le real time article, j'avais oublie ce que ct kun ST...
2000/12/16-20:22:33 kronosmarlon bon klaus tu viens negociar avec fabien et moi cette nuit ds les rues sombres d amsterdam ?
2000/12/16-20:22:45 KRexSTConnexion thierry sinon ici ya des sites avec des catalogues de filles comme ca.... tu choisis, tu telephone et tu payes apres qu' elle vienne te rendre visite
2000/12/16-20:23:21 cronos The babe on camerasurf, is that your girlfriend Patrick?
2000/12/16-20:23:23 kronosmarlon ca va bien se passer, tu verras...
2000/12/16-20:23:24 MarlonBranlo thierry: ca va encore partir en couilles ca, hehe ;)
2000/12/16-20:23:43 Vantage Je ne trempe pas mon pinceau n'importe ou hein, je n'ai pas envie qu'il ressorte multicolore
2000/12/16-20:23:48 kronosmarlon ah bon ?? tu nous envoies les url pour voir stp ?
2000/12/16-20:24:06 MarlonBranlo pat: bien classe...c quoi le tarif en general... pour le haut de gamme bien sur... hein thierry? ;)
2000/12/16-20:24:26 kronosmarlon ca sera du safe sex promis
2000/12/16-20:24:44 KRexSTConnexion cronos: I was simply trying to explain them how is the beach today, and how will be the party tonight in Rio.
2000/12/16-20:25:24 KRexSTConnexion je vous envoie les url mais pas ici, faut pas deconner quand meme.... apres on va dire que krazy rex est un maquereau
2000/12/16-20:25:35 MarlonBranlo thierry: beware of pub with 'safe sex' sticker....
2000/12/16-20:25:50 Vantage Ben faut assumer Patrick hein
2000/12/16-20:26:00 kronosmarlon chi chi ichi
2000/12/16-20:26:20 cronos Well, ES' wife is here. She's really quite pretty.
2000/12/16-20:26:30 kronosmarlon alle vazy assure pat
2000/12/16-20:27:00 cronos And she also managed to cause Erik to lose 30 kilos or something. He's totally changed!
2000/12/16-20:27:32 Vantage Yeah we noticed, it's amazing! But we'll miss the ES bombs though...
2000/12/16-20:27:33 KRexSTConnexion cronos: i told them (in french) that this morning i drove my girlfriend to the airport for her xmas holidays (with her family) and now i' m alone in rio with a plenty (really a plenty) of this kind of babes around me in the streets, in the beaches, at the parties..... what a difficuklt situation...:)
2000/12/16-20:28:42 KRexSTConnexion vantage: let me introduce barbara!:
2000/12/16-20:30:40 Vantage Sje looks approximately like my new secretary, I'll keep in mind to send you some photos of her
2000/12/16-20:30:54 KRexSTConnexion sur ce site il y a une blonde comme tu les aimes, klaus.... elle a des mensurations absolument fabuleuses, habite a sao paulo, et tu pas la matez tous les jours avec une webcam... elle est aussi le manequin des pubs tv de la biere bresilienne SKOL
2000/12/16-20:31:58 KRexSTConnexion non, mais ya un truxc genetique: le cul est un melange d' afrique et d' europe unique au monde , heheheh
2000/12/16-20:32:10 Vantage Et comment s'
2000/12/16-20:32:26 Vantage Et comment s'appelle cette charmante personne
2000/12/16-20:32:36 KRexSTConnexion ok let' s get back to english......
2000/12/16-20:33:29 muguk hi all .. just thought I'd pop my head in - how's it all going?
2000/12/16-20:34:13 KRexSTConnexion laisse moi mieux d' expliquer l' histoire du cul des bresiliennes, hehehe:
2000/12/16-20:35:59 muguk Has Grazey turned up yet ?
2000/12/16-20:40:02 KRexSTConnexion klaus: la blonde de sao paulo s' appelle Ellen. ya un avi je crois: ing128k&largura=240&altura=197&tipo=1
2000/12/16-20:40:50 KRexSTConnexion ok.... end of mind games let' s get back to the stniccc subjects!!!!
2000/12/16-20:41:57 KRexSTConnexion kronos: are you sitting just aside vantage?
2000/12/16-20:42:00 cronos Hi Mike. Welcome back.
2000/12/16-20:43:24 sammyjoe yo mug
2000/12/16-20:45:20 Vantage Ah Vickers, j'hallucine, keske tu deviens
2000/12/16-20:45:47 Vantage No Kronos and Marlon just went for a leak I guess
2000/12/16-20:47:44 Vantage I can't believe it, Bilbo's back
2000/12/16-20:49:28 Bilbo afternoon, girls!!!
2000/12/16-20:50:18 Bilbo est-ce que tu as manger, klaus?
2000/12/16-20:51:33 Vantage Bilbo: Yes. Est-ce que tu as bien feucke Bilbo?
2000/12/16-20:52:06 Bilbo mais oui.... par toi!!!
2000/12/16-20:52:31 Vantage Didn't notice...
2000/12/16-20:53:14 Bilbo hehehe... me neither :)))))
2000/12/16-20:53:22 jlpvck Hello!
2000/12/16-20:53:38 Vantage Thought so
2000/12/16-20:54:04 Vantage Kregiresch wot are you doing
2000/12/16-20:54:27 Bilbo hi jlpvck...... guess you win the prize for the least syllables in a name?!?
2000/12/16-20:55:45 Vantage Gloire a Marlon Brando
2000/12/16-20:56:37 jlpvck Well, it was a test..
2000/12/16-20:57:04 Bilbo a test, eh? are there rules for the test? :)
2000/12/16-20:58:09 TheFate huhu test reply....
2000/12/16-20:58:29 Bilbo krx: hey i was just reading about sao paolo!!
2000/12/16-21:00:45 jlpvck I've just received a mail about ULM's Atari Chat.. So it's a kind of try
2000/12/16-21:01:52 Bilbo erm...i saw a url a few messages back......
2000/12/16-21:06:31 jlpvck Krx Bresil en ce moment ?
2000/12/16-21:08:33 KRexSTConnexion jlpvickers: ah c' est toi!!!! oui je suis a rio, pas pu aller a la stniccc
2000/12/16-21:09:32 KRexSTConnexion ooops sorry bilbo.... my browser didnt crash
2000/12/16-21:10:02 Bilbo maybe you have a better machine than me :(
2000/12/16-21:10:23 jlpvck Oui, j'ai fait un essai avec le pseudo Vickers, mais ca n'a pas semble marcher.. Pas de Stniccc pour moi.. Ca faisait un bon de chemin pour moi assez consistant !
2000/12/16-21:12:14 jlpvck Krx, je voulais dire assez consistant pour toi..
2000/12/16-21:12:16 rapido Ok, let's see if it works
2000/12/16-21:12:23 zokathra Hi all!
2000/12/16-21:13:08 Bilbo hi!!
2000/12/16-21:13:14 rapido I'm gonna use this chat box through and get a free French->English translation
2000/12/16-21:13:26 Bilbo there are some of us here who are not "zzzz"ing :)
2000/12/16-21:13:32 zokathra Have the French taken over the world? ;-)
2000/12/16-21:13:52 KRexSTConnexion vck: oui il aurait fallu que je puisse me liberer au moins 1 semaine
2000/12/16-21:14:00 zokathra Bolbi: or partying in Amsterdam...
2000/12/16-21:14:17 Bilbo or we could turn the french filter back on?? but then they just send private msgs!
2000/12/16-21:14:30 Bilbo the french?? no......
2000/12/16-21:15:11 Bilbo z: is that where everyone is?? hey... i hear you can have a real good time in amsterdam ;))
2000/12/16-21:15:37 zokathra Babelfish (altavista) work miracles on French
2000/12/16-21:15:47 rapido Je suis hollandais et j'ai juste traduit ce message avec Babel
2000/12/16-21:16:05 zokathra Bilbo: and that without getting arrested even ;-)
2000/12/16-21:16:11 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: do' t worry i have to leave soon... to get prepared for tonight' s party (where the domination is absolutely brazilian)
2000/12/16-21:16:18 jlpvck Babelfish is a nice tool, for sure..
2000/12/16-21:16:20 Bilbo did it work?>
2000/12/16-21:16:52 Bilbo z: hehehee ultra c00l!!!
2000/12/16-21:17:02 Bilbo krx: no... don't leave... you can stay (even if you speak french hehehe)
2000/12/16-21:17:12 zokathra KRex: Brazilian? How's that?
2000/12/16-21:17:39 Bilbo maybe we should start such an incredibly interesting conversation in english that everyone will join in *in englsih!)
2000/12/16-21:18:00 Bilbo or english even :)
2000/12/16-21:18:32 Bilbo tall, blond gay porno movies anybody???? :)
2000/12/16-21:18:35 KRexSTConnexion z: my mother is brazilian, I live in Rio
2000/12/16-21:18:48 zokathra For the French: I'm goona spend new years eve in Paris, any tips on groovy parties or clubs?
2000/12/16-21:19:03 KRexSTConnexion i' m froggo-brazilian
2000/12/16-21:19:38 Bilbo z: where are you now?
2000/12/16-21:20:33 KRexSTConnexion yeah: where are you?
2000/12/16-21:21:11 zokathra Bilbo: STNICCC room 2.01 send to last row on the left
2000/12/16-21:21:12 KRexSTConnexion ho keops: are you at the stniccc or in paris?
2000/12/16-21:21:17 Bilbo z: where oh where are you??????????
2000/12/16-21:21:18 zokathra Holland, that is
2000/12/16-21:21:19 Bilbo hi keops
2000/12/16-21:22:26 zokathra And you guys?
2000/12/16-21:23:06 Bilbo i'm outside krx's bedroom door trying to get in hehehehehe
2000/12/16-21:23:26 Bilbo actually,..... make that california!!
2000/12/16-21:23:28 KRexSTConnexion bilbo and I are living in the new world :)
2000/12/16-21:23:40 KRexSTConnexion a world of technology and fantasy ;)
2000/12/16-21:24:11 Bilbo mark... is that cam still working??? :)
2000/12/16-21:24:29 Keops_Eqx yo
2000/12/16-21:24:37 Bilbo krx: hehehehe... safe sex!!
2000/12/16-21:24:54 Keops_Eqx i'm in paris :(
2000/12/16-21:24:59 KRexSTConnexion make my bed in rio, bilbo!
2000/12/16-21:25:08 Keops_Eqx wowo this board lags as hell
2000/12/16-21:25:54 zokathra Yep, it is slooow....
2000/12/16-21:25:56 Bilbo sure does!!!! lag city in here!!
2000/12/16-21:26:05 Keops_Eqx why don't you log onto IRC ?
2000/12/16-21:26:06 Keops_Eqx way faster...
2000/12/16-21:26:27 jlpvck Have a nice day, night, morning.. Bye
2000/12/16-21:26:44 Bilbo wiz: got it.. can see it now!
2000/12/16-21:27:14 Bilbo cos this is the "official" (logged) chat for stniccc!
2000/12/16-21:27:23 Bilbo see ya jlpvck
2000/12/16-21:27:43 KRexSTConnexion babaille vickers: denmain tu reviens?
2000/12/16-21:28:23 Bilbo has anybody used the forum???
2000/12/16-21:28:58 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: i hope richard will not use the french sections of the chat! ;)
2000/12/16-21:29:44 Bilbo krx: oh i'm sure he will... and i will do a "loose" transaltion into english for him heheheheheh
2000/12/16-21:29:45 KRexSTConnexion who is the guy in front of the webcam?
2000/12/16-21:29:56 KRexSTConnexion what is the forum, biblo?]
2000/12/16-21:30:20 Bilbo which cam?
2000/12/16-21:30:49 Bilbo bibliotheque? moi?
2000/12/16-21:31:11 Bilbo
2000/12/16-21:31:24 KRexSTConnexion stick' s cam.. but the guy has left already
2000/12/16-21:31:35 KRexSTConnexion sorry: bible
2000/12/16-21:31:54 Wiz Bilbo: We have just posted the first part of our STNICC article which outlines yesterdays 'disaster'
2000/12/16-21:31:55 Bilbo that's you innit, wiz???????
2000/12/16-21:32:07 Bilbo (these english... doh!!)
2000/12/16-21:32:18 Bilbo bloody roast beef!!!!!!
2000/12/16-21:32:56 Bilbo krx: you are just watching the rippedoff cam cause you want to see klaus's pink shirt again!!
2000/12/16-21:33:11 Wiz The guy with the blonde hair is Sammy Joe...
2000/12/16-21:33:23 Wiz Or my arse!
2000/12/16-21:33:44 Wiz Eeengleesh pigs!
2000/12/16-21:33:59 Bilbo wiz: do you dye your hair arse blond???
2000/12/16-21:34:35 Bilbo wiz: oh yeah./... let me go read that!! was it nigel again??
2000/12/16-21:35:03 Bilbo is that schussler behind you, mark?????
2000/12/16-21:36:06 Keops_Eqx wassup?
2000/12/16-21:36:17 Bilbo yeah see ya!
2000/12/16-21:36:39 Bilbo hey keops.... what's happening????? not at the party?
2000/12/16-21:37:20 Keops_Eqx no :(
2000/12/16-21:38:21 Bilbo me neither!
2000/12/16-21:38:32 Bilbo (not in body at least!)
2000/12/16-21:39:48 Keops_Eqx obviously the place sux like the first one
2000/12/16-21:40:11 Keops_Eqx many rooms, people not together etc...
2000/12/16-21:40:22 Keops_Eqx it's a shame...
2000/12/16-21:40:44 Bilbo didn't go to the first one............
2000/12/16-21:40:46 Bilbo did you??
2000/12/16-21:42:19 Bilbo hey keops, congrats on your ultra c00l website :)))
2000/12/16-21:42:27 Stick Bilbo: Yes, it Michael Schussler behind Mark!
2000/12/16-21:43:14 Stick Bilbo: There are 4 rooms at this place with between 3 to 5 rows of PC's per room...
2000/12/16-21:44:41 Stick Bilbo: I was logged in on Wiz's 'puter earlier (just to try to confuse you!)
2000/12/16-21:44:43 Bilbo they should have had a big scout hall and shoved everybody in there (like icc#2)...... progress?? pah!
2000/12/16-21:45:59 Keops_Eqx thanx bilbo
2000/12/16-21:47:00 Bilbo you're welcome...... i'm sure you already know that it is by far the best st website in existence!!!
2000/12/16-21:47:08 Bilbo hehehehe ok... second.... after ours!!!!!!!!!!
2000/12/16-21:47:36 Stick Keops: Yes, cool site, hence the reason for the review on the RO site & a Gold award - The java stuff is way cool!
2000/12/16-21:48:12 Bilbo pity you need a cray to run java though :((
2000/12/16-21:49:05 Bilbo is mr schussler porn-surfing back there??? and where's his other hand?
2000/12/16-21:49:08 Stick Nah! Even the Equinox ST Chip emu runs fine on a low spec intel machine...
2000/12/16-21:49:30 Stick KEOPS: Love the java YM emu!
2000/12/16-21:49:31 KRexSTConnexion people i' m leaving.. see you tomorrow!!!
2000/12/16-21:49:45 Keops_Eqx :)
2000/12/16-21:49:52 Keops_Eqx cool
2000/12/16-21:50:04 Keops_Eqx thanx !
2000/12/16-21:50:08 Stick Bilbo: Schussler says ' His secret is out!'
2000/12/16-21:50:22 Keops_Eqx wait our java demo
2000/12/16-21:50:26 Keops_Eqx coming soon :)
2000/12/16-21:50:28 Stick Krazy: CU!
2000/12/16-21:50:30 Bilbo krx: see ya... have fun... maybe chat again tomorrow???? :)
2000/12/16-21:50:35 Keops_Eqx you can even annouce it at the stniccc!
2000/12/16-21:50:47 Bilbo it's not just his secret that's out!!!
2000/12/16-21:51:04 Stick Bilbo: Schussler owns his own ferkin bank & has loadsa cash....
2000/12/16-21:51:53 Stick Keops: Will look forward to that - please let me know when it's available..
2000/12/16-21:51:58 Stick ;)
2000/12/16-21:51:59 Bilbo you mean like there's a "bank of schussler"????
2000/12/16-21:53:17 Stick Bilbo: Summat like that, it's not exactly a bank, but he loans money to industry - Kinda like an Industrial 'Loan Shark'!
2000/12/16-21:54:18 Bilbo hahahah..... bit like arry the atchet??? but (presumably) in germany?
2000/12/16-21:56:00 Bilbo you not going out for a nice, fat smoke and a prossy, nigel???
2000/12/16-21:56:55 Stick Erm me? Forgotten what a shags like mate - tackles shrivlled beyond recognition... ;)
2000/12/16-21:58:02 Bilbo so go get one of those nice ladies (plenty fucky long time... or is that thailand?).... pointless being in amsterdam if you don't partake :))
2000/12/16-21:58:25 Stick Bilbo: MArk & I didn't even manage to get to the Redlight dist. in Amsterdam, we saw every bloody other part tho!
2000/12/16-21:58:48 Stick Bilbo: You mean 'I love you long time' ;)
2000/12/16-21:59:05 Bilbo yeah... i read (most of) that article...... so you didn't see a taxi all day then???
2000/12/16-21:59:53 Stick They either didn't stop, or already had a fare ....
2000/12/16-22:00:37 Bilbo and do you manage to get to wrk ok on a morning??
2000/12/16-22:00:47 Bilbo (presumably you let angela do the weekly shpopping etc. etc.?)
2000/12/16-22:01:36 Bilbo and can you ask mark to put something strange and exciting on his head... or smile please :)))
2000/12/16-22:01:50 Stick Erm, well getting to work can be a problem, but it's only 3 miles away & I've had 6 years to learn the route ;)
2000/12/16-22:02:17 Bilbo that's better!!!
2000/12/16-22:02:21 Stick Comin up!
2000/12/16-22:02:35 Bilbo steady... where did you pull that from, mark?????????
2000/12/16-22:03:10 Bilbo i get so few pleasures (these days).... so the sight of a young fella with a protruding banana does wonders!!!
2000/12/16-22:03:20 Stick I didn't know you could get bananas with a brown end...
2000/12/16-22:03:44 Stick Sorry, he pulled it from Schusslers arse!
2000/12/16-22:04:29 Stick Yuk! he's just eaten it - brown bit an all...
2000/12/16-22:04:30 Bilbo and i bet the empty skin will come in handy as an impromptu saucy dancing thong for later on, eh?
2000/12/16-22:05:15 Bilbo stick: will you be using mark as your personal sex toy like you did with me when we went to icc#2??
2000/12/16-22:05:44 Stick U like? U want? U buy?
2000/12/16-22:05:55 Stick Too right!
2000/12/16-22:06:11 Bilbo are those guys at the back taking it in tirns to give that guy sitting down a gobble?????
2000/12/16-22:07:29 Stick I think 'that guy' is non other than 'Mad-Max'
2000/12/16-22:07:53 Stick sans hair!
2000/12/16-22:08:06 Bilbo it's just struck me...... there will be a new definition of SAD in the next release of the oxford english dictionary.....
2000/12/16-22:08:21 Stick Checkout my shiny balding head on the webcam!
2000/12/16-22:08:22 Wiz hey Bilbo
2000/12/16-22:08:41 Stick Eh?
2000/12/16-22:08:44 Bilbo a group of males in a city surrounded by hard drugs and even harder sex sat playing in front of their computers!!!!!!!
2000/12/16-22:09:06 Bilbo so does mad max enjoy multiple male oral sex partners???
2000/12/16-22:09:28 Bilbo wiz: what love?
2000/12/16-22:09:50 Stick Sadly, you wouldn't be the first to say that..
2000/12/16-22:09:53 Bilbo stick: i can't see anything else due to the massive solar (!) glare from that shiny pate!!!
2000/12/16-22:10:31 Wiz what lubricant is best to stop the pain in the morning
2000/12/16-22:10:37 Stick I'll just adjust it (ooer)
2000/12/16-22:11:15 Stick Better for you loovie!?
2000/12/16-22:11:21 Bilbo stick: in fact, judging by your bright red glee-ridden face...... you have a young friend attending to you under the table..... where wiz?????
2000/12/16-22:11:59 Bilbo oh he's there.......... :)
2000/12/16-22:12:32 Bilbo seeing as this is all being logged.... might as well make the best of it............
2000/12/16-22:12:42 Stick yeah, but where's schussler?
2000/12/16-22:13:05 Bilbo
2000/12/16-22:15:35 Bilbo so anyway....... is santa likely to have a sackful (!) of shiny new dvd's for you this crombo???
2000/12/16-22:16:01 Bilbo are you getting one of those nice progressive scan players???
2000/12/16-22:16:20 Stick Dunno, we're trying to save money for the 'new' house... hopefully tho
2000/12/16-22:16:45 Bilbo oh right....... forgot!! so is it all one then???
2000/12/16-22:16:52 Bilbo one=on
2000/12/16-22:16:54 Stick Progresive scan don't work with my projector - but I'll get one when I swap my projector. Maybe next year
2000/12/16-22:17:32 Stick New house? Things are going slowly..
2000/12/16-22:17:58 Bilbo is it really better then??? don't really get what it's all about.... doh!!!
2000/12/16-22:18:58 Bilbo ey.... marks' up........ wonder how long those trollies will stay on????
2000/12/16-22:19:08 Stick I've seen a prgressive scan DVD player on progressive scan 47" Plasma screen at work & it was very nice in comparision to the non-prog scan!
2000/12/16-22:19:23 505 hey there.. did the competitions at stniccc already start?
2000/12/16-22:19:49 Bilbo so is there a thousand quid's worth of difference????
2000/12/16-22:21:00 Stick No there's not, but over time they will become standard fare - I'll certainly wait - I'm more than satified with my setup!
2000/12/16-22:21:39 Bilbo anyway.... speaking of new mode from delta force......
2000/12/16-22:22:00 Bilbo do you remember at icc #2 when he wanted to have sex with us in the toilet?????
2000/12/16-22:22:29 Stick Yeah, I got an email from him a while ago....
2000/12/16-22:22:37 Stick please go on dear Sir....
2000/12/16-22:24:01 Bilbo yeah.... new mode was alwyas trying to get in my sleeping bag with me too
2000/12/16-22:24:08 Wiz look at stick tryingto hide the shining
2000/12/16-22:24:49 Bilbo new mode said that once i had sex with a german man i would never go back (to women)
2000/12/16-22:26:11 Stick How does that not surprise me? ,;)
2000/12/16-22:26:56 Bilbo i remember new mode (delta force) sobbing when i refused to let him mount my "unsullied english botty"....
2000/12/16-22:27:37 Stick Pah! It's enought to make a grown man weep...
2000/12/16-22:32:31 Bilbo right...... it's nice & sunny outside so i'm going to venture out and do a bit of last minute crimbo shopping!!! bye for now...........
2000/12/16-22:50:15 ba hullo there!
2000/12/16-23:00:15 ba Anybody here?
2000/12/16-23:10:16 TNS Hello!
2000/12/16-23:10:25 TNS Yu still there?
2000/12/16-23:11:18 TNS ba?
2000/12/16-23:14:18 ba Ah, Alex is awake! ;-)
2000/12/16-23:15:16 TNS Yup! Still going strong... No sleep till eeh.. sunday?
2000/12/16-23:15:52 ba Just like in the good old days... hehe!
2000/12/16-23:17:07 TNS yah... I only had 30 minutes this morning... A quick cat-nap
2000/12/16-23:18:46 ba So, are those fellas back from "sight-seeing"? ;-)
2000/12/16-23:31:54 TNS Sorry, I got called away... Are you still there?
2000/12/16-23:32:18 ba here i am
2000/12/16-23:32:44 TNS Good... A lot of them went sight-seeing, yeah... Some of them are back...
2000/12/16-23:34:07 ba Any competitions yet?
2000/12/16-23:35:55 TNS not really... the deadline has been moved from 16:00 to 11:00 tomorrow (heh), that had them a bit in a panic;-)
2000/12/16-23:37:12 ba Any entries in YM music? You know, I still like that cute lil noisemaker... ;-)
2000/12/16-23:38:04 TNS You can follow the competition happenings on - Richard put some announcements there
2000/12/16-23:39:32 TNS (if it works... grrr)
2000/12/16-23:39:55 ba Hmm maybe later. Currently I can't get no connection. Oh, neither you? :-(
2000/12/16-23:40:26 ba Do you have the URL for the webcam?
2000/12/16-23:40:36 TNS Nope... It's a free bbs system...
2000/12/16-23:40:47 TNS suckers...
2000/12/16-23:42:37 TNS Oh, great, the stniccc site itself is out of the air...
2000/12/16-23:44:37 ba I see. I have to leave again, but will check back later. cu!
2000/12/16-23:44:57 TNS wasn't it
2000/12/16-23:45:31 ba Oh, let me see...
2000/12/16-23:59:14 TNS I'm away for a bit... later!
2000/12/17-00:58:39 Keops_Equinox stniccc website is unreachable
2000/12/17-01:06:24 Keops_Equinox modmate :)
2000/12/17-01:06:38 mOdmate hehe
2000/12/17-01:06:53 mOdmate I just thought to join in here to see what is going on
2000/12/17-01:07:12 mOdmate not as much as on #atari
2000/12/17-03:19:11 kronosmarlon hey 505 (milhouse am keyboard)
2000/12/17-04:27:21 AloneFromTrio thefate ??
2000/12/17-10:16:58 Sceez Hope the party is as great as the idea seemed to be.
2000/12/17-16:20:14 cronos Byech
2000/12/17-16:20:20 cronos Bye chaps.
2000/12/17-16:29:46 Keops_Equinox bye
2000/12/17-16:39:11 Keops_Equinox yo
2000/12/17-16:46:29 dadu Info,
2000/12/17-16:46:41 dadu there's a lot of photos from STniccc2000 on the RippedOff web site ;-)
2000/12/17-16:46:54 Keops_Equinox cool
2000/12/17-16:47:53 dadu The url is :
2000/12/17-16:50:04 Bilbo hi.... anyone at the party??
2000/12/17-16:52:42 Bilbo (anyone alive?)
2000/12/17-16:52:56 Keops_Equinox yes
2000/12/17-16:53:03 Keops_Equinox but not at the party
2000/12/17-16:53:48 Bilbo ah ok..... do you know when the compos finish?? is it around 4pm or after??
2000/12/17-16:55:54 dadu Bilbo, Keops said he's not at the CP. You should use the internal bulletin board.
2000/12/17-16:57:36 Bilbo thanks for your insightful comments dadu.... i'm not on the surface of the moon... but i do knowq it's hot!!!
2000/12/17-16:59:24 dadu Just wanted to help :-)
2000/12/17-18:34:26 muguk hi all ... oh, only one other person here :(
2000/12/17-18:34:40 muguk and he's asleep !!
2000/12/17-23:46:17 Gunstick ok, stniccc2000 is over, everybody is home again
2000/12/17-23:46:27 Gunstick and remembers a wonderfull weekend
2000/12/17-23:46:37 Gunstick see you all next time :-)


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