When everyone left the STNICCC 2000, they got inserted in their hands an evaluation sheet. Approximately 8% of the attendants filled it in and sent it back. The results can be seen below...


Ratings from 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent)
  10 9 8 7 6 5
People Attending 3 3 2      
Competition Prizes 4   4      
Location 6 1 1      
Catering Quality 7 1        
Organisation 5 3        
Atmosphere 4 3 1      
TNS' STNICCC web site 2 2 1 2   1
The Whole Thing 6 2        


Remark about the people: "The presence of Swedes and Poles would have been cool."
Reponse: "Most of the Swedes thought it was a Commodore 64 party because they hadn't read past the 'Commodore 64 Times Revisited' competition announcement. A sad misunderstanding. As to the Poles, none contacted me to say they wanted to come."

Remark about the prizes: "There were rather a lot of PSX/PC related prizes, weren't there?"
Reponse: "There were. Originally the STNICCC 2000 was not going to have actual Atari-related competitions, but as I discovered the new scene and the STNICCC format changed the prizes somehow got left behind. Also, it was difficult to find Atari-related sponsors."

Remark about the location: "The Internet access was welcome!"

Remark about the catering: "Unsurpassable!"

Remark about the catering: "Food was definitely better than pizza services, but junk food belongs to such a party, like sleeping under a table!"

Remark about the organisation: "You should have had official demo viewings/voting."

Remark about the atmosphere: "The Frenchies were a bit quiet."

Remark about the web site: "People list was difficult to understand, and the map too."


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