The auditorium, with people whipping out their gear

The auditorium

Room 2.01

Rental car being towed away

The entrance, the first Germans start arriving on Friday night

Room 2.03

tSCc posing with a Falcon

The auditorium, old friends chatting

A Frenchie in room 2.01

The Nutty Snake #1

The Nutty Snake #2

A corner of the Auditorium that will be Forever Dutch

Room 1.06, when it was still halfway recognisable

Room 2.02: The real-time article ST

Thorsten Butschke shows what he's made of

Outside the venue

Room 1.06 (a.k.a. the Frenchie Stronghold)

Rainy shot out of room 2.03

The auditorium

Michael "Sammy Jo of DF" Schussler reacting defensively

Prototype in the Auditorium

Ripped Off in room 2.02

Breakfast snapshot

Breakfast presentation

The restaurant

Lunch time

Room 2.01, PHF

Sietse "Slimer of DBA" Postma

The one who is known by many names, most of which rhyme with "flush"

The Divine Fluid

Copious supplies of Coke passed us by


John Hayward

Richard "Felice of Maggie" Spowart

MOD of tSCc

Michael "Daryl of TEX" Raasch

Defjam of Checkpoint

Martin "Llama of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation" Schwalb

Harald "Energizer of Lazer" Riegler

Gerhard "Photon of Lazer" Seiler

Reimund "Ray of tSCc" Dratwa

Andreas "Dynacore of tSCc" John

Alexander Holland, He of the Inestimably Excellent Thalion Webshrine

Nigel "Stick of Ripped Off" Prescott

Mark "Wiz of Ripped Off" Powley

Marc Rosocha

Christian "The Fate of ULM" Limpach

Christoph "Chris of TGE" Remspecher

Georges "Gunstick of ULM" Kesseler

Mickael "Dbug of NEXT" Pointier

So far unknown person...

Alexander "Bonus of DBA" de Vries

Tjeerd Bruinsma...again?!

Arnoud "Wingleader of Fun" Kinderman

Jeroen "Hotmailer" van Dinther

Robbert "Rapido of Synergy" van Dalen

So far unknown person...

Mike "Cal of PHF" McAllister

Phil "Grazey of PHF" Graham

Thorsten "Mad Butscher" Butschke

So far unknown person...

Matthijs "D-Force of Fun" Witteveen

Pieter "Earx of Fun" van der Meer

Sine of Idemline?

Hans "Mr. Ni! of TOS Crew" Wessels

Rob "Homeboy of Double Dutch Crew" van der Haar

Fabrice "Fury of Legacy" Odero

Fabien "Marlon of ST Connexion" Masson

Klaus "Vantage of ST Connexion" Berg

So far unknown person...

So far unknown person...

Mark "tIn of The Independent" Fechtner

Karl "Jalden of Undead" le Chevalier

The Ultimate Burper...well, sortof

Not a pretty sight

Stefan "Digital Insanity of TLB" Posthuma

Juri "Relayer of QX" Horneman

Bruno Martial and Bruno "Gadget of MCS" Kerouanton

So far unknown person...

So far unknown person...

Room 1.06 - yes, the Frenchies Stronghold again, atmospheric shot

Room 2.01, with something or other going that was interesting

The auditorium, after ES of TEX arrived

Till "Chaos Inc. of Delta Force" Bubeck and Michael "Daryl of TEX" Raasch

Alexander Holland finally meets most of the ex-Thalion guys face to face

The auditorium - Fun Gathering

Old friends

Room 2.01 from outside

Musicians together

Room 2.01, a Chemical Danger Zone

The auditorium, Sunday morning

The auditorium, Sunday morning (another part)

The whiteboard in the auditorium

Dead Chuck

More hazy bodies lying, possibly dreaming, possibly lifeless

The Competition Prizes

The auditorium, just after the competition deadline

The infamous Pringles package

Dbug of NEXT demonstrating his demo that won first prize in the "Commodore 64 Times Revisited" competition

The jury is dishing out the prizes

Close-up of the crowd watching the prizes being given away

Another crowd close-up

Overview of prize crowd

The parking lot

The restaurant, dinner on Sunday evening

The restaurant, Sunday evening dinner

The auditorium, close to the end of the event

Scary picture of a Nutty Snake

Room 1.06


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