Cronos of QX posing with an Atari Magazine

tSCc lazying about

The Sirius Cybenetics Corporation

And again

Bitmap Brother pose

Table full of Dutchies

Table full of Frenchies (well, almost)

Another table almost full of Frenchies

Chris "CiH of Maggie" Holland finishing the final(-ish) issue of "Maggie"

German speaking guys

Two Dutchies

Sine of Idemline

A Fun corner in the auditorium

Computer with Dutch sympathies

It's probably late (or early, whatever you call it)

Jochen "Mad Max" Hippel

More sun

Mad Max posing with the Atari magazine


Negotations going on?

Competition time!

Llama and Dbug

The Dutch / Fun corner of the auditorium once again

Milhouse showing his prize

Copious amounts of beer


These pictures were all kindly made available by Mike "Cal of PHF" McAllister. Thanks!


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