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This is the page selector menu for the ST News International Christmas Coding Convention 2015 event, i.e. the 25th Anniversary Reunion. Please click on any of the links below to find the item you wish to view...


STNICCC 2015 Party Report by Chris Holland
The Real-Time Article by almost everyone attending
(The above two links are from Disk Maggie's 25th Anniversary Edition)
D-Bug's blog by Mickael Pointier
SNDH's To Hull and Back Part I blog by Phil Graham
SNDH's to Hull and Back Part II blog by Phil Graham


People enterering before the Competition Presentations by Antoine Santo
The First Half of the Competition Presentations (uncut) by Adam Klobukowski
The Second Half of the Competition Presentations (uncut) by Adam Klobukowski
The Movie of Troed Sangberg's Presentation about Overscan and Sync Scrolling by Adam Klobukowski & Mark Fechtner, edited by Troed Sanberg
(and the presentation to go with it)
64-minute professional documentary on pretty much the whole event by Michael Schussler

360 Panorama shots:

Awesome Panorama Overview by Michael Schussler

Pictures (and a few movie clips) by:

Andreas Franz (105 items)
Antoine Santo (90 items)
David Mistouflet (128 items)
Frédéric Sagez (87 items)
Georges Kesseler (41 items)
Gerald Müller-Bruhnke (2 items)
Jeroen van Dinther (39 items)
John Cove (77 items)
Michael Schussler (141 items)
Mike Mee (65 items)
Phil Graham (128 items)
Piotr Kruzycki (125 items)
Richard Karsmakers (110 items)
Rob Cowell (18 items)
Stefan Kimmlingen (59 items)
Stéphane Perez (73 items)

Game previews that were not shown at the event, but should have:

R-Type by Stephen "Bod" Jones (RIP)(RAR archive)
BeGEMed for Falcon and BeGEMed for TT/STE (September 2016 updates) by Alexander "BoNuS" de Vries (ZIP archive)

Other wonderful things that were presented or should have been presented at STNICCC:

SNDH Record by Adam Klobukowski
Fujiology V2.1 by Stefan Benz

Official STNICCC 2015 Merchandise logos (in case you want to make your own merchandise):
(Graphics made by Erik "Es of TEX" Simon...the picture are pretty huge)

Alpha (used on non-black background - 14 Mb)
Black (used on black background - 21 Mb)

General info:

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Competition results (includes downloads)


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