Alexis and Phil

Group of friends in Marseille

Andy setting out to be burnt to a crisp on the beach of the Cote d'Azur

Andy puking

Andy being carried home, part 1

Andy being carried home, part 2

At the phone

Axe of Superior

Christian "The Fate of ULM" Limpach

Someone (who?) sitting on a couch

Derek attempting to embrace Morpheus

Alex "The Nutty Snake of Aenigmatica (later of Quartermass Xperiment)" Crouzen

The Nutty Snake, his wife and his daughter

Almost All Marseille people form a Human Pyramid

Fabrice "Fury of Legacy" Odero

Marseille people

George "Gunstick of ULM" Kesseler

Practical Joke Pulled on a Slumbering Individual

Phil on the beach

Phil, Derek and Alexis on the beach

Phil and a Girl

Phil and Jon Bon Jovi on the beach

Phil, peacefully embraced by the bosom of Sleep


These pictures were provided by Sammy Jo. Hail!


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