This page features news about changes to this site.

<< 16 January 2022 >>

Benoit "Crystar" Durand found a bunch of pictures in his attic, including some from STNICCC 1990. He kindly allowed for the pics to be added here, too.

<< 28 April 2020 >>

Grazey's photo gallery was no longer available, but now it is. Same goes for Piotr Kruzycki's. Both available again in all their glory!

<< 2 April 2020 >>

Grazey finally wrote the second and final part of his "To Hull and Back" blog. Link added to the STNICCC 2015 main page.

<< 22 April 2017 >>

Georges Kesseler provided four rare pictures of the STNICCC 2000 competition viewing.

<< 25 October 2016 >>

Rob Cowell provided a modest gallery of STNICCC 2015 pics possibly not seen before, bringing the total of your possible trip down memory lane to 1289 pics and videos. Although it's only been less than a year, it still brings a tear to my eye and makes me feel all warm inside.

<< 24 September 2016 >>

Updated the versions of Bonus' "BeGEMed" game downloads on the 2015 menu.

<< 14 September 2016 >>

Added John Cove's pictures (and some movies) to the 2015 event links. Another bunch of great ways to relive that awesome weekend.

<< 1 September 2016 >>

Added links to a CODEF version of the 2015 Sync {Closure} demo and some Overlanders European Demos screens. Hope to be adding more CODEF version links to other demos soon!

<< 19 August 2016 >>

Corrected one of the 'Other' event descriptions, which wasn't CEBIT but Atari Fair 1990. Thanks to Dyno for Sherlocking this.

<< 1 June 2016 >>

Added a link to Grazey's blog about the STNICCC 2015, and the original STNICCC 2015 merchandise graphics.

<< 20 April 2016 >>

Added a link to D-Bug's blog about his visit(s) to STNICCC events. Includes of video of what his competition entry was really supposed to look like! Also added 3 dozen private archive pics of the 1990 event to the STNICCC 1990 Picture galleries.

<< 6 March 2016 >>

Added links to the STNICCC 1990 DVD rip on Youtube.

<< 21 February 2016 >>

Scene Central updated.

<< 10 February 2016 >>

Scene Central updated a bit, and one (maybe final?) video added. The dust has now settled on STNICCC 2015.

<< 24 January 2016 >>

The Maggie 25th article links have been added, plus Scene Central updated. Coverage of the 2015 event is now probably complete.

<< 8 January 2016 >>

Scene Central updated.

<< 6 January 2016 >>

Scene Central updated. Added Grazey's pics to the 2015 event.

<< 3 January 2016 >>

More pictures added to the 2015 event. Scene Central also updated.

<< 27 December 2015 >>

More stuff added to the 1990 event (Ilja's videos).

<< 26 December 2015 >>

More stuff added to the 2015 event (links, downloads, panorama shots, pics, videos). Replaced the navigation buttons.

<< 22 December 2015 >>

A beginning page for the 2032 event was set up. Also the 2015 pages were altered to become a repository of media and information rather than the place for Convention attendance information.

<< 21 February 2015 >>

Most updates will, for the next year or so, be made public via Twitter @stniccc2015, and not here.

<< 18 January 2015 >>

STNICCC 2015 organisation is now finally underway. In the near future more and more stuff will be added with regard to location, hotels, flights, directions, compos, etc.

<< 18 May 2013 >>

Altered the internal structure of the site. Also updated the Scene Central database.

<< 19 January 2013 >>

Added Facebook "Like" stuff, removed the (defunct) guestbook. Also updated/added some of the Scene Central database, and added a cool link to another Atari Scene database.

<< 5 March 2011 >>

The 2000 "Ride into STNICCC" animation is available again. Also, the DVD will no longer be available to purchase, however it will be available to download. The full 4 Gb ISO image (plus docs)! Also updated/added some of the Scene Central database.

<< 31 December 2010 >>

Current STNICCC 2015 attendance status updated all over the board. Some of the Atari Scene database records have been updated/corrected, too. Have a great 2011...and see you in 5 years :-)

<< 1 August 2010 >>

A slightly bigger update this time, on account of the invitation process of STNICCC 2015 having started! Some of the Atari Scene database records have been updated/corrected, too.

<< 6 October 2009 >>

Some of the Atari Scene database records have been updated/corrected. Not a big update, but one will happen some day.

<< 11 June 2009 >>

Corrected the Paypal DVD purchase button so that it leads to an English-language site, among other things.

<< 27 December 2007 >>

Only a little less than 7 years to go until the next STNICCC! Some Atari Scene Central update have been made, and I corrected a few links to pictures (Bradford '93 Party 1st picture and the Hawkmoon picture of Mega Leif '92).

<< 10 January 2007 >>

Only a little less than 8 years to go until the next STNICCC! Some Atari Scene Central update have been made, and the links checked/extended. Also, over a dozen big convention dates have been added to the 'Dates and Events' page. If you feel your birthday or another convention should be in there, but isn't, feel free to contact me! Most unexpectedly, the STNICCC 2000 award-winning Oric Atmos demo by Dbug can now finally be downloaded [Gasp]! I have also added the final version of UMD8730, and all downloads are now local instead of on other people's servers.

<< 10 January 2006 >>

Only a little less than 9 years to go until the next STNICCC. This time, another Atari Scene Central update was made (Red of Omega), and further people were identified in the pictures (this time one of the No Crew 1989 pictures).

<< 25 October 2005 >>

Updated and added some Atari Scene central pages.

<< 30 January 2005 >>

Updated and added some Atari Scene central pages. A happy and successful 2005 to you all! Nearly exactly 10 years to go until STNICCC 2015...

<< 23 August 2004 >>

Updated and added some Atari Scene central pages, and updated a picture description for the Bradford party.

<< 21 June 2004 >>

Removed a dead link. Well hey.

<< 6 May 2004 >>

Today I binned my original, 1st Edition copy of Data Becker "ST Intern" ("ST Internals" to non-Germans). Its TOS 1.0 listing will help me no more. It's a historic day on the scale of my personal history. Feels like I have thrown my late youth away. Of course this has sod-all to do with the STNICCC or this site, but whattaheck.

<< 3 May 2004 >>

Main site hosting has changed, and some people have been added to the Atari Scene Central pages.

<< 14 April 2004 >>

Hosting of the many pictures has changed location, and the links have been altered accordingly.

<< 12 April 2004 >>

A few Scene Central pages have been updated, DVD pre-orders no longer possible.

<< 11 April 2004 >>

The STNICCC 1990 DVD world premier has happened at OutLine 2004, to a somewhat bemused audience that seemed not to know what to do with some of the overly long scenes that really only mean anything to those who attended the original event. Still, in the end it got the hands together, so it must have had some merit.
The first total of 50 DVDs will be shipped with bonus CD, meaning the first dozen or so non-pre-orders will also get them. Grab your chance!

<< 9 April 2004 >>

The database has been updated some more, though this won't be reflected on the DVD bonus CD ROM. The first DVDs have been duplicated. Pre-order shipping will start on Easter Monday, 12 April.

<< 8 April 2004 >>

Some more people have been updated in the Scene Central database. This is the way the site will look on the STNICCC 1990 DVD bonus CD ROM.

<< 3 April 2004 >>

One week to go until the official release of the STNICCC 1990 DVD. Some final updates in the Scene Central section are coming in. I also updated the DVD page a little.

<< 27 February 2004 >>

Due to the kind help of Sengan Baring-Gould, a few more people have been indentified in the DFICC #2 picture archive. The Scene Central database entry of Flix was updated. Also, the DVD news section has been extended (there are now two mirrors to download the preview of the main bulk of the DVD). Most importantly, however, 24 people in the Scene Central database have had their picture (vidcap) added. Thanks to Klaus Berg for putting me on the right track with regard to the ST Connection members and Ze Watsit.

<< 7 February 2004 >>

It's going to happen...the DVD of the STNICCC 1990 Official Video, and true 'Director's Cut' at that. A tentative release date is set for Easter 2004. Check out here for more information.

<< 9 January 2004 >>

Nearly 12 years to go until STNICCC 2015... And on that path, I have done a little Atari Scene Central database update.

<< 5 January 2004 >>

A few database updates and one improved picture caption (Flix of DF identified), that's all.

<< 14 August 2003 >>

Just some minor changes in the Scene Central database of people. All the pictures and associated files are now also stored on a different server, so the site reflects that change in its internal structure. Some member data was updated too.

<< 5 May 2003 >>

Just some minor changes in the Scene Central database of people.

<< 2 February 2003 >>

Chris of The Watchmen submitted some scans of STNICCC 1990 pictures. I added them to the site. Other changes include some URL changes for Jess and the other Overlanders, and a picture added to ZCT of The Low Level.

<< 5 January 2003 >>

Updated some Scene Central data (most particularly regarding The Watchmen and pictures of a few of the ST Connexion guys), checked the links, changed the IE-only scroll bar looks, updated some people's identifications, and added the Mega Leif '92 event (with specific dating) in the 'Other Events' section.

<< 8 October 2002 >>

Finally, the UMD Demo 8730 has been finished! Check out the official site at!

<< 18 September 2002 >>

Some minor adjustments to the personal info of a few people in the Scene Central database, nothing more.

<< 21 August 2002 >>

The STNICCC 2000 Merchandise site link has changed, and, incidentally, some extra merchandise items have been made available. I also added a link to AtariZone. In the near future, you may expect some picture of the Easter 1992 Megaleif party.

<< 26 July 2002 >>

For close to a year now, quite a few additional pictures of 'other events' (and some of STNICCC 1990) had been sitting on my hard disk, unused. When Furyo of OVR sent some extra pictures of ICC #2 and the 1989/1990 No Crew party, I had too many pictures waiting for me...I could hardly sleep peacefully, and felt guilt gnawing at me mercilessly. So today I finally got round to incorporating them: Marseille 1990, Cebit 1990, No Crew 1989/1990 Party (all 'Other Events'), Delta Force ICC #2 1991 (additional pictures by Furyo) and STNICCC 1990 (additional pictures by Sammy Jo). Apologies for the most inappropriate delay. I also recently got Stick's pictures of the 1993 Bradford ST Party and TRB's Duke's pictures of the STNICCC 1990...worked those into the site. Other than all these new pictures, I have altered a few CSS-related matters in the page design and added a link to the site (thanks to MC Laser for pointing that one out). Just for clarity, this Atari Forum is a completely separate site, it has nothing (other than a love for all that is Atari) to do with me. Oh yeah, I also checked the links page and updated/added some links there, corrected some typos and updated some Atari Scene Central bits of data.

<< 10 April 2002 >>

Some people details in Atari Scene Central have been updated, and Mr. Ni's "Heartland" game competition entry was added to the download section (thanks to Alain Derpin and Grazey of PHF!).

<< 6 February 2002 >>

Some more people info was corrected, a few additional people have been identified. Still not all of them, though, so your help is still welcome! Unfortunately I have also had to remove the Tropical Light and Magic "Ride into STNICCC 2000" animation from the downloads section. If you're willing to host an 8 Mb file for me then I'd be much interested (it's not a frequent download, by the way)... To compensate for this heinous act of removal, a link to the Ripped Off Demo CDs site was added to the 'links' section!

<< 2 September 2001 >>

The STNICCC 2000 evaluations and comments sections have been added. Also, the physical location of the pages and the internal structure has changed somewhat. I also added quite a few pictures from the STNICCC 2000 event to the Scene Central database! The site is now just about finished.

<< 7 August 2001 >>

Built in some spam-robot-scan-prevention stuff. Do note that the email address you used previously to reach me will very soon no longer work.

<< 18 July 2001 >>

Only a few things were changed, most of them 'under the hood'. In particular the CSS part of the site. It now ought to look good in IE 5.5 and NS 4.x. I also added the Ripped Off pictorial coverage of the Delta Force ICC 2 to the 'Other Events' pages.

<< 2 July 2001 >>

Just a minor update: Database updated, some more people recognised in the pictures. I still need quite a bit of help with people remaining unidentified, though! I also doubled the download links for the 1990 and 2000 competitions to the Competition Victors list.

<< 21 June 2001 >>

More names added to the pictures, others corrected. Thanks very much to everyone who emailed me the past day or two!

<< 20 June 2001 >>

Now the site is truly kindof a 'Scene Central': The Atari 16-bit Scene database has been incorporated!

<< 19 June 2001 >>

Lots of pictures included, STNICCC 2000 Merchandise page added. Promotion is underway.

<< 17 June 2001 >>

Most of the STNICCC 2000 content has been added. Scene Central thinking has begun.

<< 16 June 2001 >>

Most of the STNICCC 1990 content has been added. I've made a start on the STNICCC 2000 content.

<< 15 June 2001 >>

Sat down and decided to check out "Swish", a program with which anyone can make Macromedia "Flash" text effects. When that turned out to be as easy as I'd hoped, I decided to make a 'soon coming / under construction' kind of thing for this new STNICCC site. And while I was at it, I made the entire skeleton for the site and uploaded it.



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