(Coding Name Unknown) of ACA

(Coding Name Unknown) of Atari Benelux

(Coding Name Unknown) of Atari Computing Team

(Coding Name Unknown) of Digaphobia

(Coding Name Unknown) of Holocaust

(Coding Name Unknown) of Maggie Team

(Coding Name Unknown) of Thalion Source

(Coding Name Unknown) of The Bitstoppers

2-Stein of ST Connexion (STCNX)

505 of Checkpoint

666 of (Crew Name Unknown)

6719 of The Exceptions (TEX)

7an of Sync

A.-t- of Cream

Abel of Electra

Acco of The Garlic Eaters (TGE)

AdamK of Lamers

Adso of Overlanders (OVR)

AiO of T.O.Y.S.

Ajrarn of ST Connexion (STCNX)

Al Cool of Equinox

Aldn of Paradize

AlexH of Thalion WebShrine Team

Alien of ST Connexion (STCNX)

An Cool of The CareBears (TCB)

Anders of New Beat

Antiware of Amazing Cracking Conspiracy (ACC)

Apache of Quartermass Xperiment (QX)

Argonaut of The Untouchables

Ayoros of Hemoroids (HMD)

Azrael of Cerebral Vortex

Baggio of Wildfire

Bandit of CLiMATiCS

bartek030 of (Crew Name Unknown)

Bat of Synergy

Belzebub of ST Connexion (STCNX)

BeN of Overlanders (OVR), ex-Undead

Ben (formerly Yama) of Fingerbobs (ex-Electric Images)/Inner Circle

Big Alec of Delta Force (DF)

Big Boss Man of Demografica

Bilbo of Ripped Off

BiLiZiR of Douai Main Association (DMA)

Blagger of New Power Generation (NPG)

Bluestar of Sync

Bod of Effect

Bodo of Rabenauge

Bonus of Fun, ex-DBA

Boris of Avena

Brazilnut of (Crew Name Unknown)

Brume of Atari Legend

Cal of Psycho Hacking Force (PHF)

Candyman / Ultra of Cream

Captain Headcrash of Total Vision Incorporated (TVI)

Carbon of (Crew Name Unknown)

Carnera of New Power Generation (NPG)

Chaos Inc. of Delta Force (DF)

Checksum of Equinox

Chris of Onyx

Chris of Unlimited Matricks (ULM), ex-TGE

Chris(tophe) of The Watchmen

Chuck of Dune

Chuck of Foxx

CIA of Galtan 6 (G6)

CIH of Maggie Team

Comp7 of Fun

Cooper of Paradize

Corbeau of Dune

Corsair of Giants

Cronos of Quartermass Xperiment (QX), ST News Team, ACC

Crystar of Pendragons

Cthulhu of Spirits of Doom (SOD)

Cugel of Silents

Cymric of New Power Generation (NPG)

Dan of Lazer/Paradox

Dan H of Light

Daniel of New Beat

Dark Shadow of the Invizibles of Flexichron of Flexichron

Darkcyde of Demografica

Daryl of The Exceptions (TEX)

Dbug of NeXT, Defence Force

D-force of Fun

Digital Insanity of The Lost Boys (TLB)

Dim of Overlanders (OVR)

Dizzy of Unlimited Matricks (ULM), ex-Tool 8

Dma-Sc of Sector One

Doclands of Overlanders (OVR)

Dogue de Mauve of Overlanders (OVR)

Dr. B. of Synth Dream, ex-Galtan Six (G6)

DTX Synchron of Legacy

Duke of The Respectables (TRB)

Dynacore of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc)

Dyno of Exo7

Earx of Fun

Edo of Sector One


Elric of Holocaust

Energizer of Lazer

Epsilon of TMS/ ex-Overlanders (OVR)

ES of The Exceptions (TEX)

EVE of Galtan 6 (G6)

Evil of Dead Hackers Society (DHS)

Evil Metal of Dune

Evil TS of Spirits of Doom (SOD)

Exyl of Sector One

F#READY of (Crew Name Unknown)

FAA of New Power Generation (NPG)

Felice of Maggie Team

Flix of Delta Force (DF)

FlyGuy of Double Dutch Crew (DDC)

Ford Perfect of Black Monolith Team (BMT)

fOssYl/Frost of Sector One

Foxx of (Crew Name Unknown)

Fried of Avena

Front6 of Blank^255

Fury of Legacy

Furyo of Overlanders (OVR)

Gadget of MCS

ggn of D-Bug, Alive, Paradize

Gizmo of Icebird

GoGo of The CareBears (TCB)

Grazey of Psycho Hacking Force (PHF)

Griff of Inner Circle

GT Turbo of Cerebral Vortex

Gudul of Independent (OVR and Ludug too)

Gunstick of Unlimited Matricks (ULM)

gwEm of Psycho Hacking Force (PHF) & YM Rockerz

Haq of Omega

Havoc of Fun

Hawkmoon of The Respectables (TRB)

Hello of Sector One

Hexogen of TNT Crew

HiTech of Dynamic Duo (DD)

Homeboy of Double Dutch Crew (DDC)

Hotmailer of ex-The Hardware Underground (THU)

Humungus of Overlanders (OVR)

Hurricane of (Crew Name Unknown)

Ian of The Watchmen

Icarus of Electra

iFlash of T.O.S. Magazine (Germany)

Iki of Vortex

Il Profesore of Istari

Ilja of Level 16

Illegal of Equinox

Illegal Exception of Scum of the Earth (SOTE)

Index of Sentry

Insane of altair/.tSCc./Rabenauge

Insh_Allah of TOS Crew

Jacky of ACF Design Team

Jalden of Undead

Jaron of New Power Generation (NPG)

Jas of The CareBears (TCB)

Jess of Overlanders (OVR)

Jet of Avena

JimB of #atari (ex-Adrenalin UK (ADR))

Jinx of Douai Main Association (DMA)

Jolly Racoon of Black Monolith Team (BMT)

Jon of Little Green Desktop Team

Jyb of Taskers

Kaj of (Crew Name Unknown)

Kasper of Electra

Kelly.X of Hemoroids (HMD)

Keops of Equinox

KGE of DBA Magazine

Krazy Rex of ST Connexion (STCNX)

Kronos of ST Connexion (STCNX)

Lair of Hotline

Lars of Nocrew

Leonard of Oxygene

Leviathan of Light

LiesÚn of Omega

Llama of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc)

Lobo of Scum of the Earth (SOTE)

Locrap of Digaphobia

Loke of Dead Hackers Society (DHS)

Lone Starr of New Power Generation (NPG)

Lord HackBear of Delta Force (DF)

Lotek Style of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc)

Lotus of Hotline

Lowlife of Sewersoft

LSL of Checkpoint

Lucifer of ex-Spirits of Doom (SOD)

Mac Sys Data of Persistence of Vision

Mad Max of The Exceptions (TEX)

Manikin of The Lost Boys (TLB)

Manitou of Psychonomix

Marcer of Elite/Atari Legend/Paradize/Ymrockerz/Alive Team

Marchew of The Teeth Shakers (TTS)

Marcopolo of Hemoroids (HMD)

Marlon of ST Connexion (STCNX)

Martin of 42 Crew

Martina of Lazer

McFly of Avena

M-Coder of (Crew Name Unknown)

-me- of The Exceptions (TEX)

Mega of Sync

Megadeth of Pendragons

Mellowman of (Crew Name Unknown)

Metal Ages of Cybernetics

Mic of Dune

Mick of DNT Crew

mOdmate of Checkpoint (ex-tSCc)

Mon of Oxygene

Mookie of Adrenalin UK (ADR)

Mopy of The Ghost Genius

Mordor of ST Connexion (STCNX)

Mr Ni! of TOS Crew

Mr. Badu of (Crew Name Unknown)

Mr. Bee of Overlanders (OVR)

Mr. Byte of The Teeth Shakers (TTS)

Mr. Coke of Smash Designs

Mr. Pink of Reservoir Gods

Mr. Wrobel of Acid Team

Mr. XY of GoreZone

mRhiLL of IceBird

Mug U.K(tm) of (Crew Name Unknown)

Mysteria of Synergy

Nan of Invalid

Nemo, formerly Milhouse of Dead Hackers Society (DHS)

Nemrod of Pendragons

New Mode of Delta Force (DF)

Nic of The CareBears (TCB)

No of Escape

NoBrain of Nocrew

Nod of Level 16

NoNameNo of (Crew Name Unknown)

Nut of Fun

O.T.M. of Fun

One of Galtan 6 (G6)

Oxbab of Oxygene

Oxygene of Delta Force (DF), ex-TLB

Pandafox of Hemoroids (HMD)

Perceval of Zuul

Pervect of Topix

PeyloW of T.O.Y.S.

ph of LT

Phenomenon of Teenage

Photon of Lazer

Piter of AtariFan Polish Paper Mag

Pixel Killer of Legacy

Psychoreal of Hysteria

Pulsar of NeXT

Quasar of Aenigmatica

Questlord of Delta Force (DF)

Questor of Avena, ex-Inter

RA of Paradox

Rage of Foxx

Rapido of Synergy

Ray of Delta Force (DF)

Ray of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc)

RaZ of Cerebral Vortex

Red of Omega

Redhead of Sync

Relayer of Quartermass Xperiment (QX)

Rich of Little Green Desktop Team

Ripley of Reservoir Gods

Robb of (Crew Name Unknown)

Robert of STRIKE-a-LIGHT

Robert of The Atari Boys

RockABIT/Sodan of STAX

Roman of Avena

Rosomak of The Teeth Shakers (TTS)

RV (ex-KAS of Undead) of SasHipA dev

S_t_s of LoUd, Alive Team

Sammy Joe of Delta Force (ex-The Lost Boys)

Samuari of Inter Development

Saulot of (Crew Name Unknown)

Scavenger of Synergy

Scy of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc)

Sedma of Sedma Soft

Sense of Hotline

Shadow of Dynamic Duo (DD)

Sharpman of The Black Cats

Sico of Galtan 6 (G6)

Silver of Pendragons

Sine of Idemline

Sink of Hemoroids (HMD)

Skaven of Invisibles

Skyrace of Hemoroids (HMD)

Sledge of Hotline

Slime of Delta Force (DF)

Slimer of DBA Magazine Team

Smogg of The Invizibles of Flexichron of Flexichron

Snabel of Omega

Softsmash of Subway

Soundy of MCS

Spaz of The Lost Boys (TLB)

Splash of Sector One

Sprog of The Lost Boys (TLB)

Sqward of Mystic Bytes

ST Ghost of Sector One

ST Graveyard of Atari Legend

Stax of Lazer

Steprate of Equinox

Steve Zipp of (Crew Name Unknown)

Stick of Ripped Off

Strider (formerly Beast of Typhoon) of MJJ Prod

Strych of The Teeth Shakers (TTS)

t0my of Live!

Tam of T.O.Y.S.

Tanis of The CareBears (TCB)

TAO of Cream

Tat of Avena, Chaos

Teddy of TMC

Terence of Pendragons

The Blue Devil of Gigabyte Crew

The Digital of Aenigmatica

The Fate of Unlimited Matricks (ULM)

The Flying Egg of Omega

The Guardian Angel of New Power Generation (NPG)

The Match of Fun

The Mind of Quartermass Xperiment (QX)

The Nutty Snake (TNS) of Quartermass Xperiment (QX), ex-Aenigmatica

The Paranoid of Paranoia

The Skunk of The Watchmen, ex-Poltergeist

Thor of Black Monolith Team (BMT)

ThorN of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (tSCc)

Thyroxin (Tox) of Avena

Tie Eytsch of Total Vision Incorporated (TVI), ex-NewLine

tIn of The Independent (ex-TVI, ex-NewLine)

TiNKer of Teenage

TNT of (Crew Name Unknown)

Troed, formerly Red Fox of Sync

Tronic of Effect

TXG of (Crew Name Unknown)

Typhon of Overlanders (OVR)

Tyrem of The Respectables (TRB)

Ukko of Live!

Vantage of ST Connexion (STCNX)

Vat of Luzak Team, ELiTE

Vector of (Crew Name Unknown)

Venom of Cerebral Vortex

Veto of Oxyron

Vickers of Legacy

Walter of Overlanders (OVR)

Wingleader of Fun, ex-Synergy

Wiz of Ripped Off

Wizzcat of Delta Force (DF)

Xbios Man of Overlanders (OVR)

YaK of Llamasoft

Zae of NeXT

Zanac of Aenigmatica

Zappy of Holocaust

ZCT of The Lower Level

Ze Watsit of The Vegetables

Zealot of O.U.C.H.

Zed Yago of K2/Arsenic

Zerkman of Sector One

Zeus of Teknique

Ziggy Stardust of Overlanders (OVR)

Zogg of The Watchmen

Zokathra of Aenigmatica

Zork of Scum of the Earth (SOTE)

Zorro 2 of NoExtra


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