A promotional picture shot for use in several German magazines, for Christmas 1990. It was a professional photo shoot. Notice the discolouration of the champagne, because the confetti ended up in it and started having its way there... From left to right: Willi Carmincke (marketing director of Thalion), Wolfgang Meier (general director of Thalion and pretty cool guy - he once totalled 20 cars when he crashed his leased Thalion BMW into the middle of a traffic queue, little known factoid!), Manuela Scholz, Erik Simon, Michael Hellmich (who did the 'cheapo' Thalion game covers including, unfortunately, "APT"), Karsten Koper, Monika Krawinkel, Christian Jungen (at the time attempting a moustache :-), Michael Bittner (just having got rid of his) and Richard (striking a so-called "Bitmap Brother pose").

This picture is located at the Thalion WebShrine's "Hall of Shame"